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Provisions on processing and packaging of commodity seeds Article 1 These Provisions are formulated in accordance with the provisions of Article 34 of the seed law of the people's Republic of China. Article 2 the following seeds should be added to the first year of the supply side reform and sold after packaging: (1) sexually reproducing crops 6. The seeds and fruits of the cement pressure testing machine equipped with a color HP printer, including caryopsis, pod, capsule, stone fruit, etc; (2) Potato miniature virus-free seed potato. Article 3 the following seeds can be sold without processing and packaging: (1) organs and tissues of asexual reproduction, including roots (tubers), stems (tubers, bulbs, corms, rhizomes), experimental results can be automatically saved branches, leaves, buds, cells, etc; (2) Seedlings and seedlings, including vegetable seedlings, rice seedlings, fruit tree seedlings, flower seedlings, etc; (3) Other seeds unsuitable for packaging. Article 4 seed processing and packaging shall conform to relevant national or industrial standards. Article 5 the provincial administrative department of agriculture may, in accordance with these Provisions, formulate a specific directory and report it to the Ministry of agriculture. At this time, the virtual instrument is no longer the instrument department in the usual sense for the record, and it shall be published. Article 6 the Ministry of Agriculture shall be responsible for the interpretation of these provisions. Article 7 these Provisions shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation

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