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Article 1 in order to implement the policy of "safety first, prevention first", ensure the personal safety of employees in power production activities, ensure the safe and reliable power supply of electricity, and ensure that the assets of the state and investors are protected from losses, these Provisions are hereby formulated

Article 2 These Regulations are formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, in combination with the characteristics of the power industry and the organizational form of the state power company system (hereinafter referred to as the company system), and are used to specify the basic requirements and management relationship of the system safety work of the state power company

Article 3 the "company system" mentioned in these Provisions refers to the combination of units with asset relationship and management relationship with the State Power Corporation. Asset relationships include wholly-owned and holding relationships; Management relationship includes direct subordinate and escrow relationship

Article 4 the company systematically implements the production safety system at all levels with the chief executives at all levels as the first person for safety, establishes and improves a systematic and hierarchical production safety assurance system and production safety supervision system, and gives full play to its role

Article 5 the organizations at all levels of the company's system shall, within the scope of their respective supervisors, focus on the unified deployment and rely on the masses to jointly do a good job in production safety

Article 6 all enterprises of the company system shall formulate rules and regulations suitable for the situation of the enterprise in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, standards and regulations of the state, industry and the state power company, so as to institutionalize, standardize and standardize the work of safety production

Article 7 all enterprises in the company system should implement the principle of "safety in production", and plan, arrange, inspect, summarize and assess safety work while planning, arranging, inspecting, summarizing and assessing production work

Article 8 this regulation applies to the productive enterprises and units of the company system, as well as the branches of the State Power Corporation, group companies, provincial (including municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions, the same below) power companies that manage productive enterprises. Other enterprises can refer to it. Productive enterprises and units refer to enterprises (including diversified enterprises) and units mainly engaged in power generation, power supply, power transmission and transformation, dispatching, maintenance, testing, power construction, etc

Chapter II objectives

Article 9 the overall goal of the company's system safety production is to prevent the occurrence of seven accidents that have a significant impact on society and cause significant losses to assets: 1. Major deaths; 2. Large area power failure; 3. Big electricity collapses; 4. Dam collapse of power plant; 5. The main equipment is seriously damaged; 6. Major fire; 7. Nuclear leakage

Article 10 safety production objectives of branches, group companies and provincial power companies of State Power Corporation: 1. No personal death accidents; 2. No major electrical accident; 3. No major equipment accidents with personnel; 4. No particularly serious equipment accidents; 5. No major fire accidents; 6. No major construction machinery and equipment damage accident occurs

Article 11 safety production objectives of hydropower construction enterprises: 1. No personal and group accidents; 2. No serious damage accident of major construction machinery and equipment; 3. No major quality accident occurs

Article 12 power generation, power supply, maintenance, thermal power construction and power transmission and transformation construction enterprises shall implement three-level control of safety production objectives: 1. The enterprise shall control serious injuries and accidents, and the yuan/ton in Changzhi, Shanxi Province will be reduced generally, without personal death, major equipment losses and electrical accidents; 2. The workshop (including work area and construction site, the same below) controls minor injuries and obstacles, and does not cause serious injuries and accidents; 3. The team control attempts and abnormalities, without minor injuries and obstacles

Article 13 the number of power generation and power supply enterprises and relevant dispatching agencies that have achieved and 100 day accident free records every year: 1 thermal power plant with a capacity of 1000MW or above, 2 thermal power plants with other capacities; 2 hydropower plants with capacity of 500MW and above; Three other hydropower plants with capacity by the end of 2013; One power supply enterprise with main transformer capacity of 1000MVA and above, two power supply enterprises with main transformer capacity of 1000-500mva, and three power supply enterprises with main transformer capacity of 500mva and below; 3 dispatching machines at provincial level and above

Article 14 all enterprises of the company system and their workshops and teams can determine their own safety production objectives according to the actual situation of the enterprise, but they cannot be lower than the requirements of this regulation

Chapter III responsibility system

Article 15 the administrative heads at all levels of the company system are the first people for safety, and are fully responsible for the safety production work and safety production objectives of the enterprise

Article 16 the basic responsibilities of the administrative principals at all levels for work safety: 1. Be responsible for establishing, perfecting and implementing the work safety system of leaders at all levels and functional departments of the enterprise, but this has little impact on the price (except for the door type); 2. Personally review the important documents related to safety production of the superior, organize the implementation, and timely coordinate and solve the problems in the implementation of each department; 3. Timely understand the safety production situation, and regularly listen to the report of the safety supervision department. Preside over safety analysis meetings regularly according to Article 57 of these regulations, and timely organize research and solve major problems in safety production; 4. Ensure that the safety supervision organization and its staffing meet the requirements, and support the safety supervision department to perform its duties; 5. Ensure the extraction and use of funds required for anti accident measures and safety technical labor protection measures; Ensure the withdrawal and use of expenses required for safety incentives; 6. Other responsibilities specified in relevant safety management regulations

Article 17 the administrative deputy at all levels is the first person in charge of safety within the scope of work, who is responsible for the work safety within the scope of work and is responsible to the chief administrative officer; The chief engineer shall lead the safety technology management of the enterprise and be responsible to the chief administrative officer

Article 18 all departments and posts should have clear safety responsibilities, share them, and implement the level by level responsibility system of lower level to higher level safety meeting registration fee: 2000 yuan/person

Article 19 within the company system, the parent company shall implement the safety production accountability system for its subsidiaries, including the accountability of operators. In the internal assessment of the company system, the parent company undertakes joint and several liabilities for its subsidiaries


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