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Regulations on management of technical drawings and documents

1 purpose

clarify the signing, modification and standardization of technical drawings and documents, and effectively control technical drawings and documents

2 scope

applicable to the management of product drawings, process drawings, design documents and process documents

3 responsibilities

the technical department is responsible for the overall management of technical drawings and documents

4 working procedures

4.1 signing of technical drawings and documents

4.1.1 signing of technical drawings


the signing column is divided into design, proofreading, review, process review, standard review, approval, countersignature and change, and other columns can be added when necessary. The "design", "proofreading", "review" and "approval" columns in the above columns must have signatories, and other columns can be signed as needed. In the above columns, "proofreading" and "review" can be signed by the same person, and the remaining columns must be signed by different people qualifications of the signatory of each column: all columns of technical drawings must be signed by a person with corresponding qualifications to be valid; The signatory is responsible for his signature accordingly

See Table 1 for the qualification and corresponding of the signatory of each column of the technical drawing:

Table 1 the signatory and qualification of the technical drawing and the qualification of the signatory of the column

the overall designer of the design or

drawing project or the qualified technician designated by its authorized designer and draftsman. 1. Meet the requirements of design input

2. Be responsible for the technical performance of the design, such as the fixture 1 of Instron, MTS, Zwick and other companies, with meticulous workmanship, high reliability index, and the correctness of the structure and size of the drawing

3. Cooperate with process, installation and commissioning

the proofreader of the drawing shall designate qualified technicians to be responsible for the accuracy and rationality of the assembly, size, coordination and process requirements of the drawing

the audit department or project leader or the designated qualified technician has the professional and technical position corresponding to the audit object, is responsible for whether the design is in accordance with the design requirements, and is responsible for the rationality of the structure, key processes and overall scheme

process review specific process design or process reviewer designates qualified personnel to review the process (including processing, installation and commissioning process)

standard review specific standardization staff designates qualified personnel to check whether the drawings correctly implement the relevant standards

examine and approve the project leader, chief engineer, deputy general manager or direct leader/1. Lead the overall scheme and technical and safety indicators

2. Be responsible for recognizing the qualifications of the signatories of the above columns

3. Check the integrity and completeness of technical documents

countersignature the countersignature person is responsible for the countersignature according to the matter

change the original design, draftsman or project leader

4.1.2 signing of technical documents

the signing column is divided into preparation, review, approval and change, and other columns such as countersignature can be added if necessary. The preparation, review, approval and countersignature columns must be signed by different people. General technical documents can only be signed in the "preparation" and "review" columns, and key technical documents such as design assignment and overall design specification must be signed in the "approval" column see Table 2 for the qualifications of the signatories in each column of the technical document:

Table 2 technology 1. The signatory and qualification of the mechanical property test document of medium and thick steel plate and the signatory qualification of the column

preparation of the technical document. The specific preparer of the technical document is the person of the work or the main completion person. 1. Be responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the content of the document

2. It shall be prepared according to relevant requirements and clear

the person in charge of the audit department or the project leader or the designated qualified technician is responsible for the authenticity of the document content and recognizes the qualification of the document writer

approve the direct leadership and final check of the chief engineer or deputy chief manager

countersignature the qualified personnel of the relevant countersignature department shall be responsible for the recognition of the common terms or the double (multiple) side relationship terms of the countersignature documents

the preparer or project leader who changes the original document

4.1.3 review procedure

if the technical drawing or document is completed or lags behind for a period, the designer (preparer) shall submit it to the next document signatory for review. In principle, a full set of technical drawings or documents shall be submitted for review, and if necessary, the drawings can be submitted for review by group or component classification the calibration shall be recorded, and the results shall be recorded in the drawing calibration record

the examination is carried out on the original. Generally, the parts that need to be modified are marked with a pencil, and the examination opinions are recorded in the examination opinion form of technical drawings (documents), and then transmitted to the signatory of the next document together with the original

after the approval of the technical drawings or documents, the review opinions and the originals shall be returned to the design (preparation) personnel. The design (preparation) personnel shall modify it according to the review opinions, and submit it to each signatory for review. Only after the rechecked contents are completely correct can the signature be made

the signing order of each column is: Design (preparation) → proofreading → review → approval (APPROVAL). "Change" can be carried out at various stages after examination (APPROVAL). If there is no signature of the former signatory, the latter will not accept it and instruct the former to complete the signing procedures. The consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the person at the previous level in case of disagreement between the examiner and the preparer, the approver or the direct leader shall arbitrate

after each column is signed, the design (preparation) personnel shall hand over the base map (or original) together with the review opinions to the comprehensive archives room for filing, and handle the handover procedures on the archives handover record form (see pd423 document control procedure table code: PD)

4.2 change of technical drawings and documents

4.2.1 principle of change

4.1 is directly regarded as a new upstart in the field of e-commerce. 2.1.1 the change of drawings and documents shall not reduce the product quality, nor violate the provisions of the design specification to correct the out of tolerance of outer diameter and relevant standards the changed drawings and documents should be correct, complete, unified and clear the change must be signed, and the original drawings and original documents before the change can be checked

4.2.2 implementation of changes

the change personnel shall determine the content and number of changes required, fill in the notice of technical drawings (documents) change (see pd423 document control procedure table code: PD), and submit it to the approval personnel for approval

change personnel according to the approved change notice(

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