Reinforced PET with excellent fire and fatigue res

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Reinforced PET with excellent fatigue resistance

Honeywell plastic company of the United States has developed a new high-performance glass fiber reinforced PET material. According to Chen Changjie, deputy director and Secretary General of the expert committee of the plastics Committee of the China Packaging Federation and Secretary General of the Green Packaging Committee of the Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, the brand of new resin as the base resin is Petra 7500, and the brand of recycled container material as the base resin is Petre 7300, Under the premise of maintaining excellent appearance, it is generally 5% smaller than the test value, and the fatigue strength is greatly improved

the recent laboratory test results show that under 56mpa, the fatigue strength of Petra 7500 is 1.7 million times, which is two orders of magnitude higher than the general 30% glass fiber reinforced pet (26000 times), and the recycled material reinforced and heat preservation and fire protection performance brand Petra 7300 is also up to 240000 times, which is also much higher than the general glass fiber reinforced pet. The new product adopts a new special additive to ensure that the surface properties of the product are not affected, and the melting stability and melt fluidity are high, which improves the molding processability. The end use is office furniture, and natural color, black and pre colored brands are now available

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