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By 2015, the annual growth rate of optical polyester film in China has exceeded 25%

the market potential of optical grade polyester film cannot be ignored: with the rapid development of flat panel display, energy conservation and emission reduction, photovoltaic power generation and other new energy, optical polyester film has increasingly shown its unique advantages. By 2015, the scale of China's new material industry will reach 2trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%

the three-year development and revitalization plan of China's polyester film industry issued by the China Plastics Association clearly puts forward that the polyester film and polyester film for electronic materials used in the development status of optical polyester film and solar collar friction and wear testing machine used in the LCD equipment industry will be the development focus of the future industry

due to core technology, patents and other factors, enterprises have many difficulties in developing optical films. However, due to the huge demand for optical films in the market, they are monopolized by foreign enterprises, causing unnecessary cost burden for downstream enterprises. The import substitution space of optical film is large, which is also a necessary condition for national policies to support the development of optical film industry

as an important part of the strategic emerging industry, China will focus on the development of special projects for high-performance film materials to achieve autonomous production of optical polyester films and improve the self-sufficiency rate. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, that is, by the end of 2015, the scale of China's new material industry will reach 2trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 25%

at present, many upstream materials can only be purchased from overseas. In recent years, BOE, Shengbo optoelectronics, sanlituo and other local enterprises have been promoting the localization of the upstream industrial chain. Under the same quality, they will give priority to the use of locally produced products. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will focus on developing high-performance membrane materials and give more support to domestic upstream suppliers. At present, the huge prospect of the optical film market has attracted many listed companies such as kangdexin, Yuxing shares and Dongcai technology

in terms of tariffs, Li Dongsheng, chairman of TCL, proposed to adjust the CGS [2012] No. 18 tax-free material list and extend the tax-free period of polarizers to the end of 2015; Or include it in the ECFA tax exemption list; The flexible substrate, light-emitting but dynamic fatigue testing machine and electro-hydraulic servo message universal testing machine required by OLED are particularly prominent. Additives, high-purity metal aluminum wire, liquid desiccant, glass glue and other core materials are included in the film crystal tax-free list; The G8.5 generation of linear plain glass substrate will be included in the list of imported materials for duty-free 3 experimental instruments, or the tariff will be reduced to 2%

adjust the tax item of LCD panel from the current "optical instruments or equipment" to "special parts for LCD TV", and increase the current tentative tax rate from 5% to 8% - 10%; According to Li Dongsheng's tax reform proposal, he only considers from the perspective of LCD panel manufacturers. If the upstream materials and equipment are exempted from tax, the pressure on local upstream manufacturers will certainly increase, especially for local optical film manufacturers. Therefore, the state should consider comprehensively in terms of capital and tax to promote the development of local optical film industry

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