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Guangwei benefits from an annual growth rate of more than 50% of optical fiber and is confident in future development

afternoon news on May 22, Beijing time: the 2011 Shanghai Communication Development Annual Conference has just passed. With the theme of "communication and smart city", experts from the government, operators, suppliers and non operators from the first test point gathered to discuss the construction of smart city, and they are happy to hope that the development of urban informatization will drive infrastructure The growth of information software industry, communication service industry and other industries

the global economic recession has not yet fully recovered, and many countries regard the information and communication industry as the next driving force for economic growth. Indeed, the information and communication industry has also lived up to expectations. At this annual meeting, not only the three major express operators, Huawei, ZTE and Japan NTT shared their market share in the construction of urban informatization, but also other enterprises in the industrial chain, such as Fujikura and Guangwei, came to the exhibition. They also gained a lot and grew rapidly in this wave of informatization. Among them, Shanghai Guangwei communication has an annual growth rate of more than 50%, Become a typical representative benefiting from the construction of network infrastructure

benefiting from the annual growth rate of fiber to the home of more than 50%

optical dimension mainly provides customized solution integration and services for domestic telecom operators, optical communication network construction enterprises and optical communication equipment suppliers, and has more than 10 years of operation experience in the field of optical network deployment and testing

Xia Xugang, general manager of Shanghai Guangwei Communication Technology Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with c114: "since 2008, we have developed very fast. In recent years, we have maintained an annual growth rate of 50% or even more, mainly benefiting from the construction of optical fiber to building, optical fiber to home and 3G. In recent years, the growth of mobile communications and users' demand for fixed broadband has stimulated the rapid growth of the entire market."

he believes that with the promotion of HD video, 3D and other applications, users' demand for bandwidth surges, which will bring more growth opportunities to the optical communication industry. Behind the construction of 3g/lte network, there are a large number of optical fibers to support. In Xia Xugang's words, no matter what kind of mobile communication, it will eventually land, and it must use optical fiber as the transmission medium

operators need customized solutions

the development of optical communication industry has given birth to the deployment and testing industry of optical communication networks. Operators have already built "eight horizontal and eight vertical" backbone, and now it is the construction period of optical fiber home entry. Xia Xugang believes that a big difference between optical fiber home entry and backbone is that in the backbone stage, the reliability of network is the first, while in the optical fiber home entry stage, in addition to reliability, it is also very cost-effective, Because it involves thousands of households and is a huge investment

optical network deployment and testing involve a wide range of products, complex technology and strong professionalism, which are difficult for customers to master comprehensively. Xia Xugang introduced that in the high-precision fiber to home, the user's housing situation is different. For example, there are villas, office buildings and ordinary family houses. The space of their corridors may be different, and the solutions they adopt must be different. Operators need different solutions for different fiber-optic to-home scenarios

Guangwei provides a package of comprehensive services to avoid customers spending huge human, material and financial resources on non core business links, so that customers can concentrate more resources on core business and improve core competitiveness

he said: "In view of such a market, we have designed and developed a series of products and introduced many foreign technologies, which should be said to be our biggest advantage. In 2010, Guangwei was honored to be evaluated as our technology. We summarized some small problems. For the small technological giant in Shanghai, the most important thing is the growth of the company's business and the continuous innovation of new technologies. We have substantially solved many problems for operators. This is Most importantly. It's not that we recommend customization, but that operators need customized solutions. "

maintain a growth rate of 40% - 50% in three to five years

according to Xia Xugang, there is still a considerable gap between domestic manufacturers and foreign enterprises with core technologies in terms of independent research and development, but lack of independent intellectual property rights, and enterprises that only rely on import agents will be difficult to go far. He said that as a domestic local enterprise, Guangwei is catching up. On the one hand, the company cooperates with some famous large enterprises, and on the other hand, we constantly improve and enhance our technical strength

as he said, according to previous reports of c114, in July 2010, Guangwei signed a joint venture with Fujikura, the world's leading manufacturer of optical communication equipment, called Shanghai Fujikura Guangwei communication equipment Co., Ltd., whose business scope involves optical fiber to home communication equipment and equipment. The main products are optical splitter, optical quick connector, optical cold connector, optical fiber movable connector, various optical junction boxes, corridor boxes Optical fiber to home supplies such as light splitter box, home information box, optical connector box, etc

according to Xia Xugang, Guangwei is about to build its own large-scale R & D center. He has firm confidence in the future development. On the one hand, Guangwei will make use of its existing advantages to continue to maintain the leading position in the field of optical communication deployment and detection in the large-scale development of optical fiber to household department across the country, while continuously extending the company's product line

he said, "we should pay close attention to constantly improving our technology, and constantly reduce the cost of the scheme, which will really bring a reduction in the cost to operators"

Xia Xugang said that relying on the themes of fiber to home and smart city construction, he is very confident in the future development. Guangwei will continue to maintain a growth rate of 40% - 50% in the next three to five years. CTI Forum Report

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