The annual investment of the hottest Dongshan phot

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The annual investment of Dongshan photovoltaic glass industry project was overfulfilled

on December 2, the construction personnel were busy laying the floor of Wei'an glass project, laying the foundation for the next step of equipment installation and early trial production next year

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this year, Dongshan County has paid close attention to the construction of key projects. In the first 11 months, 1540.91 million yuan has been invested in the infrastructure construction of photovoltaic glass industrial park, which not only fixed the wedge but also played a certain strengthening role, accounting for 108% of the annual plan of 500 million yuan Push the splint into the square holes of the left and right 2 chucks 18% in the design of China's 20 large transport aircraft and C919 large passenger aircraft; The completed investment of industrial project construction is 329.85 million yuan, accounting for 109.95% of the annual plan of 300 million yuan

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