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ZTE CeBIT exhibition released a new ICT series scheme

ctiforum news on March 10 (Li Wenjie): on March 10, 2014, ZTE announced that it would debut at the 2014 Hannover consumer analysis Expo (CeBIT) with rich government and enterprise businesses for the first time. With the theme of make it easy, ZTE comprehensively displayed a series of advanced ICT products and solutions for enterprise mobile Internet and big data, and released a number of new solutions to share and reach more business opportunities and cooperation opportunities with global customers and partners

with the increasing integration of CT and it, today's society has indisputably entered the ICT era. The emergence and rapid popularity of portable intelligent terminals represented by IOS and Android have further marked this era with m (mobile). M brings not only the convenience of acquiring voice and data services, but also more revolutionary impact to the society. ZTE believes that in the m-ict era, ubiquitous service and experience first are two long-term important labels

ict technology has triggered a new round of changes in transportation, government, energy, finance, education, health care and other industries. These traditional industries are facing new opportunities for rapid development with the help of ICT technology. At the same time, many challenges need to be solved urgently, such as: how to effectively reduce the it cost of enterprises while meeting the mobile office needs of enterprises? How to continuously meet the core demands of users for the continuous improvement of service experience? How to deal with the increasingly severe challenge of network security when the whole society is increasingly dependent on networks

facing the development of new technologies and the evolution of networks, around the above-mentioned core issues, ZTE, relying on its deep understanding of the needs of the industry and customers, and relying on 18 R & D centers and 107 branches around the world, has integrated and launched a professional ct/it product series with high cellasto, a microporous polyurethane elastomer, in the field of government and enterprise business, as well as an ICT program for China Plastics Fair Industry, which is held once a year, and is committed to building a safe, open The shared it service platform provides ICT services with the best experience for industry customers and eco chain partners

the theme of this year's CeBIT exhibition is big data processing. ZTE's booth is located at booth C23 in hall 13 of the exhibition. The ICT integration solutions and applications based on big data and mobile Internet were comprehensively displayed on site, including industry solutions such as smart electricity, smart oil and gas, smart city, smart transportation, public safety, smart medicine, smart education, smart logistics, smart government, national broadband, as well as leading product series and key technologies, such as IOT Technology (M2M), LTE broadband cluster, integrated communication technology Key technologies supporting big data, etc. In addition, various terminals for industry-specific application scenarios were also displayed, and advanced video services were jointly demonstrated with European partners. At this CeBIT exhibition, ZTE will also focus on launching a series of new solutions for ICT

Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE, said: CeBIT is a very important platform for us to communicate and talk with customers and partners. ZTE provides global customers with a full range of efficient and integrated ICT products, solutions and services, aiming to help government and enterprise customers in informatization, intelligence, precision management, emission reduction and efficiency improvement, green environmental protection and other aspects, and bring value

after years of fierce market competition, the era of high profits in the global telecommunications manufacturing industry has ended, and the government enterprise market is a trillion dollar huge market, far greater than the traditional telecommunications market using the Internet. With the vigorous development of emerging technologies such as SDN, 3D printing, cloud computing and big data, there will be a broader market space in the future. At the end of 2013, ZTE announced a new adjustment plan, and set up three business divisions, namely, enterprise, operator and government, to respond to market changes more efficiently and quickly

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