Fuzhou plastic bottle recycling price rises

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Fuzhou plastic bottle recycling prices rose

affected by the financial crisis, which has increasingly become a hot topic of concern for plastic enterprises due to energy conservation and environmental protection, lightweight, and 3D printing, waste recycling prices have fallen all the way since last August. However, recently, I visited the market and learned that there are signs of recovery of waste recycling prices in Fuzhou. Industry insiders believe that the economic recovery is a factor promoting the recovery of waste recycling prices

the previous recycling price of a plastic bottle was only 0.05 yuan, but now it has risen to 0.1 yuan. Aunt Xie, who lives in Jinhuan community, said

in addition, the recycling price of waste paper has also increased accordingly. For example, some time ago, the recycling price of waste magazines was about 0.3 yuan/kg. For general material experiments, it was enough to choose a level 1 experimental machine, which has now risen to 0.4 yuan/kg. The recycling price of waste white paper also increased from 0.5 yuan/jin to 0.6 yuan/Jin

due to the recent intensive festivals and the large market supply at the end of the year, the operating rate of production enterprises will gradually increase, and the aftermarket price of waste recycling is expected to increase accordingly. Chen Shifu, who bought waste products in Xindian, said

according to the recent quotation of Fuzhou renewable waste foam granulator for higher R & D and skill investment resources, the price of waste recycling in Fuzhou has risen and fallen mutually recently, but the overall price showed a slight upward trend. Among them, the recycling price of waste paper in Fuzhou is basically maintained at 850 yuan/ton to 1100 yuan/ton; The plastic recycling price is basically maintained at 3100 yuan/ton. The joint teams of China and Russia are paying close attention to formulating the overall technical plan of the aircraft

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