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ZTE Changsha intelligent factory won the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the 2017 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, and ZTE Changsha intelligent factory was successfully shortlisted and selected into the industrial interconnection application pilot demonstration project at the same time

Changsha smart factory is one of the strategic cooperation projects between ZTE and Hunan Province. It is also a key construction project in Hunan Province. It is also an application project of the new mode of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2017. To understand the needs of exhibitors, the goal is to become the leader of Intelligent Manufacturing in the domestic electronic industry. Changsha intelligent factory uses industrial robots, automation equipment, intelligent logistics system, IOT, informatization and other technologies to build the most advanced terminal like production line in China, including the whole process unmanned JIT material intelligent conveying system, intelligent production unit, IOT environmental monitoring system, and digital operation command center

in the future, Changsha intelligent factory will gradually build a digital workshop through product digital design, factory digital layout, and logistics automation simulation. The digital workshop adopts a number of independently developed ICT products and technologies to build industrial interconnection, realize the interconnection of equipment and equipment, and the integration of systems and systems. The hydraulic universal data testing machine is mainly composed of two parts: the main body and the force measuring mechanism, promote the relationship between the two countries to a comprehensive strategic partnership, equipment and system interoperability, robot and robot collaborative operation, and accurate implementation of automation equipment. Through horizontal integration, vertical integration and end-to-end integration, we will continue to improve the CPS cyber physical system, collect and analyze production data in real time, establish process expert models for independent decision-making, and continue to learn and improve to improve the intelligent level of the factory

in recent years, intelligent manufacturing has become the development trend of global manufacturing industry and the main direction of promoting the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization in China. Since 2015, ZTE has taken the lead in responding to the national strategy of "made in China 2025". By virtue of the world's leading ICT products and technological advantages and the huge supply chain manufacturing system, and by applying industrial interconnection, IOT, intelligent manufacturing and other technologies, ZTE has continuously explored intelligent manufacturing models, improved manufacturing competitiveness, led the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in the electronic information industry at home and abroad, and built a leading lean supply chain system, Constantly create value for customers

in the future, ZTE will seize the opportunity, deepen the concept of lean production, continue to improve, and deploy differentiated intelligent manufacturing solutions in manufacturing bases such as Heyuan, Changsha and Xi'an in combination with business scenarios in Shenzhen and PA materials, so as to continuously promote the innovation of intelligent manufacturing mode in the electronic information industry. At the same time, relying on ZTE electronic manufacturing vocational college, we will improve the training mechanism of intelligent manufacturing talents and help the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China

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