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ZTE instrument operation and maintenance personnel adhere to the first line of national site monitoring

original title: fighting the epidemic ― ZTE instrument operation and maintenance personnel adhere to the first line of national site monitoring

epidemic is order, prevention and control is. The outbreak of pneumonia infected with covid-19 has made the people of the whole country unite as one to fight this tough battle. As the operator of the national automatic water quality monitoring station, ZTE instruments responded to the call of the party and the state. More than 200 operation and maintenance personnel of the company actively participated in the environmental monitoring and guarantee work during the epidemic prevention and control period, and practiced their responsibilities with practical actions, showing the spirit of fearless hardship and dedication of the environmental protection Iron Army

On January 30, Yang Xiaodong carried out on-site inspection and reagent replacement at Neixiang huaixiangqiao station and Fangcheng Xiahe station as planned. After driving more than 100 kilometers on the highway, he was persuaded to return by the epidemic checkpoint inspectors at the Neixiang exit and the Sheqi exit, and was unable to move on. After that, the relevant problems and the biodegradable polymer materials initially filled in the damaged parts were reported to the company when they were also completely absorbed by the mouse body, and the relevant information was submitted to the China environmental monitoring station. At the same time, they actively applied to Nanyang Ecological Environment Bureau for certification materials. On February 2, Yang Xiaodong finally got the pass during the epidemic under the coordination of relevant leaders of Nanyang environmental monitoring station. Before starting, the vehicle was sealed by the traffic police. He took the initiative to get in touch with the traffic police. After many communications and coordination, he was only allowed to drive his private car with local license plate in Nanyang, and he could only travel alone at a time. On February 7, Yang Xiaodong had not returned home for a week in a row. He ate and lived in the station building, ensuring that the data of five state-controlled water stations in Nanyang City were "true, accurate and complete"

overcome all difficulties and move forward with load

on January 29, Luoyang operation and maintenance personnel lock Yueqiang's residential community had suspected cases and would be closed at any time. Thinking that the purified water of gaoyazhai water station should be replaced, he hurried out without eating in the morning. When the car drove to the door of the community, he knew that it was still a step late. Quickly reverse into the warehouse, take protective measures, put on your helmet, ride an electric car out, and finally arrive at the station after running nearly 20 kilometers. At the scene, the pure water machine broke down. Contact the manufacturer's technical service, and the motherboard fault cannot be repaired for the time being. As soon as I saw that this was no good, I hurriedly contacted the purified water manufacturer. As a result, it was not open yet. The matter had to be reported to the company's leaders. If it could not be solved, only the technical specification dbj/t01 (5) 7 (2) 001 for the utilization of elastic coating for building exterior walls could be stopped

lock Yueqiang returned home unhappily. When his wife brought the steaming dumplings to him, he was still annoyed that he had not found the fault of the pure water machine earlier, and suddenly saw the barreled pure water in the corner. He excitedly picked up the bucket, rode on the electric car and ran to the station. The battery was dead when he was 5 kilometers away from the water station, so he had to cart all the way to the water station. Park the car, charge it, change into indoor work clothes, switch the system to the commissioning state, and start the day's work. After patrol inspection, pure water change, calibration, calibration, multipoint linearity, weekly verification and other operation and maintenance work are completed, it is more than 8 p.m. when I return home, and finally I have my first meal of the day

the staunch guardian of new year's Eve

the Spring Festival caught up with the epidemic again, and Niu Zhiming, a member of the Zhumadian party operation and maintenance personnel, volunteered to be on duty during the Spring Festival. In order to complete the work tasks with quality and quantity, on New Year's Eve, check the operation of each water station on duty at the operation and maintenance station. During the day, in order to ensure the integrity of the monitoring data, he drove for hundreds of kilometers to bypass various epidemic inspection checkpoints, sent the standby machine to the scene, and installed and debugged it overnight

on January 31, due to the abnormal power supply of the station building caused by the transformer failure in Yangzhuang Township, he took the initiative to communicate and coordinate, and the township power supply station agreed to set up a temporary line to supply power to the power supply transformer of the station building. In order to ensure the progress of the project, he always coordinates and commands on site, and three meals a day are made of instant noodles

conscientiously and conscientiously ensure operation

at 8:00 on January 22, Lu'an operation and maintenance personnel Xu Dong inspected the operation of the platform water station as usual to check the data review and historical data. When he inquired that the axle Temple Bridge showed offline status, he analyzed various possibilities such as power failure in the station building, on-site tripping, network failure and so on, and learned about the situation with the local people. He was still unable to be sure, so he decided to go to the site to check. It was raining outside again, so he quickly put on his work clothes, rode an electric car, and rode 7 kilometers in the rain to the station. After arriving at the station, he checked the power supply box outside the station. Everything was normal. The instruments in the station room were still working normally. UPS power supply, air conditioning and monitoring had stopped working. Then he checked the main power supply switch of the station. The main switch tripped and tried to push it. The call was normal and the network was restored. Xu Dong converted the system to the commissioning mode and conducted step-by-step troubleshooting. After inspection, it was confirmed that the line of No. 1 pump was short circuited. Switch the sampling pipeline to pump 2, and it is confirmed to be normal after running for a period of time. Start the whole inspection work, including cleaning weeds and dead branches near the water intake, cleaning of electrode barrels and electrodes, calibration of five parameters, weekly quality control and instrument data inspection. After each operation and maintenance work is completed, fill in and upload the on-site records. After everything is completed, clean the station building and leave. It is planned to take the water pump from the local warehouse for replacement during the next inspection

firm forward in the heavy snow

January 25th, 2020, the first day of the lunar new year

due to the impact of the epidemic, the family are talking about the epidemic situation. Fu Dexin did not participate in the discussion. He has been used to sitting in front of the computer at 8 o'clock every morning to inspect the water station. When it is found that the dissolved oxygen in a water station exceeds the standard, immediately arrange personnel to the water station site for troubleshooting and contact the platform for level III audit. According to the on-site inspection, it is decided to conduct the on-site actual water sample comparison test the next day to confirm the accuracy of the instrument

January 26, 2020, the second day of the lunar new year, heavy snow

it was found that the ammonia nitrogen data of a station exceeded the standard. He carefully checked the historical data, quality control data and monitoring data of its upstream and downstream water stations, and basically determined that the water quality of the section exceeded the standard. At the same time, he decided to wait until all other water stations in the area were inspected, and then go to confirm by himself. At nine o'clock, after remote inspection of all water stations and discussing the operation of all water stations in the area with his colleagues, he began to set out. Due to the heavy snow, the road was muddy and the speed was very slow. When we arrived at the water station, we found that the road was closed ahead, so we had to continue to detour. At two o'clock in the afternoon, he finally arrived at the scene. After checking various standard samples of the instrument and retesting the reserved samples, Fu Dexin confirmed that the instrument was normal, and the excessive ammonia nitrogen data was caused by water quality. Finally, Fu Dexin successfully completed the preparation of the abnormal report and sent it to the data reviewers of the central station, and successfully completed various tasks

in the face of the epidemic, unite as one and go all out

with the gradual aggravation of the epidemic, protective materials are becoming more and more tense, and there is a shortage of masks for operation and maintenance personnel everywhere. In order to ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the national water station, especially the protective equipment of the operation and maintenance personnel must not be short. In this case, the company held an emergency meeting to brainstorm and actively contact local sites and various channels to find mask suppliers. If there was no Wei Qiao, he went all over the pharmacies in Hefei, and finally contacted a supplier who could provide 200 N95 masks. The national water station has more than 40 operation and maintenance personnel, which can only barely maintain for half a month. In order to supply more masks, Gao Guanglong, the person in charge of operation and maintenance in Anhui, went to five prefecture level cities in Anhui, and finally contacted a mask manufacturer on February 1. The operation and maintenance personnel rushed to the location of the manufacturer overnight and coordinated with the manufacturer to explain the situation. The manufacturer expressed strong support for the national site operation and maintenance work. After getting the mask, Gao Guanglong immediately sent it to each operation and maintenance personnel to ensure the health protection of front-line personnel and the normal operation of the site

with the increasingly strict prevention and control of the epidemic, vehicles have been unable to walk. In order to ensure the normal operation of the water station, the operation and maintenance personnel live in the station building and walk forward on foot...

in the face of the epidemic, some people panicked and stepped forward. When the epidemic comes, they will carry the responsibility and mission on their shoulders. Facing the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control, they chose to move forward, charge and fight to ensure the normal operation of the national site during the epidemic period, and contributed their own strength to winning the Sniper War of epidemic prevention and control

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