The hottest ZTE nearly fell to the employee option

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ZTE is close to falling to the employee option price. The two executives reverse increased their holdings. On July 18, affected by adverse effects, ZTE's A-share price continued to fall by 2.82% on July 17, and the closing share price of 11.39 yuan was close to the price of ZTE employees' exercise of options. However, recently, two senior vice presidents of ZTE, Chen Jianzhou and Wang jiaran, each increased their holdings of the company's shares by about 50000 shares

previously, ZTE estimated that from January to June this year, it would achieve a net profit of 154-308 million yuan, a decrease of 60-80% over the same period last year. This caused the A-share and H-share prices of ZTE to plummet on July 16

all the key employees of ZTE have options. According to the agreement five years ago, because the return on net assets of ZTE has exceeded 10% for three consecutive years, the ban on employee options has been lifted. The plan was implemented in 2007. At that time, ZTE 3 promoted the realization of ceramic aluminum new materials in diesel engines and their parts. 4. The connecting cam of electromechanical and reducer drives the connecting rod to do reciprocating motion. The number of employees is about 10000, and 3000. According to statistics, the number of beneficiaries accounts for 10% of the total number of the company. It became the equity incentive plan of mainland listed companies with the widest coverage at that time

according to the original regulations, the granted incentive object will purchase one share at the price of 30.05 yuan, and receive another two shares, equivalent to the purchase price of 10 yuan per share. When the stock price was high before, the backbone employees of ZTE could earn a certain income by relying on options. Now the share price has plummeted, but it is expected that many employees have already exercised their options

as for the increase of shares held by senior executives, it is reported that in this regard, the relevant person in charge of the company said that the company is currently in an important period of strategic development, and the follow-up will be within the scope allowed by the information disclosure rules. It is not ruled out that this has created a good development environment for the new material industry. The company's management may further increase its shares

in response to media reports that ZTE will lay off 10000 employees, ZTE has responded through Sina Weibo that the layoff plan is not true, and thousands of college graduates will join the company's R & D and other positions this year. The day before the rumor came out, the relevant person of ZTE securities department also made it clear that there was no layoff plan

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