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ZTE joins hands with netin, a provider of video products and solutions, to enter the Polish enterprise market. Ctiforum on September 19 (Jia'er): Recently, ZTE, the world's leading provider of communication equipment and network solutions, announced to establish a strategic partnership with netin, a professional provider of video products and solutions in Poland. Under the framework agreement, netin will act as a distributor of ZTE, Provide video products and solutions for Polish enterprise customers

the flagship product of ZTE video multimedia system, T700 high-definition video terminal, is customized to meet the needs of enterprise customers. It provides 1080p high-definition resolution and supports broadband Ritz voice, enabling more intuitive remote audio and video control. Through the enterprise HD video server zxv10 M900, it can support the access of up to 20 end users, and perfectly support the holding of mixed speed and mixed protocol conferences. The multimedia service center makes the management of the conference system easier and more efficient. In the past 19 years, ZTE has always been active in the field of information technology, providing technical equipment and solutions to the world's top operators and partners. ZTE video conference system has been widely used in various environments, such as logistics management, medical first aid and e-commerce, to guide equipment installation, commissioning parameter recording, etc. 196 PVC door and window sliding bracing

Micha spotwi, spokesman of netin ń Ski said: the solution we provide depends largely on the integration and service of video conference system. The test shows that ZTE zvx10 T7, especially the high-energy impactor 00 system, can provide reliable and independent business solutions for enterprises. At the same time, PC/macs, notebook computers, smart or tablet computers can be accessed in a variety of ways to achieve perfect participation anytime, anywhere. The cooperation with ZTE will help us provide customers with more reliable solutions and services

cezary terepka, ZTE's polish sales director, said: the video conference system has long been welcomed by enterprises in many regions. ZTE's cooperation with Net1 and a few feed ins will benefit more enterprise customers, enable enterprises to save expenses without requiring more initial investment, and significantly reduce enterprise operating costs by saving staff travel expenses. At the same time, this cooperation will also assist ZTE to quickly and actively expand the Polish market, so that ZTE's leading technology can better serve Polish customers

in recent years, ZTE has continued to make efforts in the field of global government and enterprises, seeking to create more demand with value chain partners to achieve win-win results. In the first half of 2012, its sales revenue increased by 70% year-on-year. At present, ZTE has sold more than 100000 video terminals around the world, including developed markets such as the United States, Canada, Britain and Italy

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