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ZTE's business quickly returned to the right track, taking 500million orders from three major operators

on July 19, after the lifting of the ban on ZTE in the United States, ZTE's stock showed signs of trading several times, and its business also quickly returned to the right track

recently, the three major domestic operators announced a number of candidates for winning the bid of communication equipment, which were involved by ZTE. It is understood that the orders of the three major operators have exceeded 5 in total, and ZTE has received 500million orders in a row of RMB billion

on the 16th, China Mobile announced that in the list of bid winning candidates for centralized procurement (lot II and lot III) of GPON equipment (new part) in 2018, ZTE was the leading candidate for bid winning in lot II, with a bid winning share of no less than 70% and a bid quotation of 4 8.7 billion yuan (excluding tax)

On the 17th, China Unicom announced that it would purchase high-end switch expansion project of China Unicom (ZTE part) from a single source, including main control board cards, 10GE board cards hundred "There is a huge demand for new materials in the future, such as terabyte/gigabit optical cards.

on the 17th, among the successful candidates for the 2017 cn2 network expansion project - access switch - announced by Chinatelecom, ZTE also became the leading candidate to operate the machine. What if the impact tester fails? It is disclosed that ZTE's bid price is 2.5684 million yuan.

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