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ZTE and Changhong Jiahua jointly build a cloud ecosystem and jointly develop new channels

on July 21, 2017, ZTE and Changhong Jiahua held a channel recruitment tour in 13 cities across the country. 3. Classified by force measurement, the first stop was officially launched in Shenyang. This exhibition tour is another large-scale channel recruitment activity held by ZTE and Changhong Jiahua for the whole country. At this conference, ZTE introduced the strategic concept of cloud ecosystem and the latest channel policies to its partners, and it is more important to bring clips for partners; Rich experience of products and solutions in subdivided fields

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partners are preferred, focusing on Urban Smart Development and industrial digital transformation, and building a cloud ecosystem. During the tour in Shenyang, the first stop, Tang Yuqi, general manager of the channel development department of the China Marketing Department of ZTE, emphasized the strategic concept of cloud ecology. The cloud is an integration. As a support, ZTE, together with its sales partners, integration partners and solution development partners, provides support for the cloud ecosystem from product to solution consulting and cooperative development. At the same time, based on ZTE's open cloud platform, it is closely combined with various industry applications to create an industry cloud, and jointly build a cloud service ecosystem with ISVs, operating partners, financing partners, etc. in various industries. In the next three years, ZTE has a long-term plan for channel expansion, including more than 100 strategic partners and more than 1000 core channel partners. It is expected that after three years of development, there will be a total of 10000 business partners

in 2005, Changhong Jiahua became the first general agent of ZTE, always maintaining the consistency with ZTE in value cognition and business direction, and forming complementary solutions with ZTE in core industries. In recent years, the two have formed a new cooperation mode in investment and financing, consulting, operation and other fields to win-win digital transformation. At the same time, Changhong Jiahua captures the new trends of the industry with new thinking and carries out industrial layout, so as to promote all parties in the industrial chain to seek the best path of business upgrading. The person in charge of Changhong Jiahua network business department introduced at the meeting that at present, Changhong Jiahua has deployed a video development PAAS platform and an enterprise communication application development platform in IDC machine room. The independently developed video conference conference control and management platform can seamlessly connect with the video conference systems of multiple manufacturers, which facilitates the transformation of customers to mobile communication and customized development, which also provides new profit growth points for channel partners

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at this channel recruitment tour, ZTE also showed a new product series, including the three in one smart conference integrated machine cloud video terminal, which is a star product specially built for the government and enterprise market. When applied to the vertical field, these basic products will be customized according to the differentiated needs

at the meeting, three ZTE ecosystem channel partners, Puyi, Dixin and Tuowei, also delivered speeches respectively, sharing their achievements and future willingness to cooperate with ZTE in their respective fields

a local partner in Shenyang expressed strong willingness to cooperate after listening to the detailed introduction. He said that he had done system integration in Northeast China for nearly a decade and had accumulated a lot in the fields of education and finance, but in recent years, facing the latest technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and virtualization, he obviously felt that the technical and marketing strength of the team could not keep up with it, and he hoped to cooperate with ZTE, that is, the requirements and principles and methods of ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot shock experimental machines rely on stronger brands and strength, Further tap the accumulated advantages of industry users, and transform their business to the direction of digital click Start button

Shenyang is the first stop of this tour, and will arrive in Fuzhou, Fujian Province on July 25. In the next two months, the 2017 ZTE channel recruitment tour will also be launched in 12 cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. Please look forward to it

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