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ZTE inspection cloud platform shines 2017 national procuratorial organ science and technology equipment exhibition

2017 national procuratorial organ science and technology equipment exhibition was held in Beijing exhibition hall from July 19 to 20. The exhibition aims to promote the scientific application of advanced equipment and technology in the procuratorial field, provide procuratorial organs at all levels with a timely understanding of the development trend of equipment and technology, master the use methods of advanced equipment, and build an exchange and cooperation platform between governments, governments and enterprises, and enterprises. ZTE made its debut with the latest solutions and technical achievements of the prosecution cloud platform, helping the construction of intelligent prosecution of procuratorial organs across the country, and thus improving the informatization and equipment modernization of procuratorial organs

at this exhibition, ZTE proposed the overall solution of the inspection cloud platform based on the understanding of the current situation that the temperature of the inspection information construction is too high and the development trend of information technology. The scheme is a comprehensive electronic inspection system with demand as the leading factor, business as the main line, data as the core, network as the basis and security as the guarantee. Through smart, integrated and innovative solutions, we have achieved a leap from strong scientific and technological inspection to smart inspection, which has attracted the attention of many participating customers and partners

the procuratorial cloud platform is divided according to procuratorial expertise, procuratorial work and interconnection, corresponding to procuratorial proprietary cloud, procuratorial work cloud and procuratorial Open Cloud respectively

quickly build the prosecution cloud platform

through the unified deployment of the provincial Procuratorate, and the unified access of the lower level procuratorate. Support the unified management of various heterogeneous virtual/physical resources, realize cross domain emergency resource services and unified disaster recovery services, and meet the high reliability requirements of inspection core applications

through multi-level storage, the massive impact testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine electronic file data sharing. Cloud storage technologies such as global data sharing, optimized storage of massive small files, hierarchical storage of hot and cold data, and n+m redundancy are adopted to solve the problems of difficult sharing and access of inspection data

through the three-dimensional security protection design, it provides a comprehensive security and reliability guarantee for the inspection cloud platform. Business, storage and management are separated to ensure network security. Adopt local high availability ha, thermal migration and other cloud computing technologies to ensure the safety and reliability of core inspection applications. In addition, ZTE inspection cloud platform is the first cloud platform solution in the industry that supports Linux and windows systems at the same time and has the whole process anti extortion function

three data centers in two places to improve business continuity

build three centers or data backup centers in two places to ensure business continuity, improve service capacity and reduce idle assets. Through the global load balancing GSLB, the inspection application traffic is divided into dual active data centers. The two production centers provide services at the same time, which improves the resource utilization of the data center by 50%. Synchronous replication in the city's dual active data center ensures zero data loss; Asynchronous replication of remote disaster recovery data center ensures disaster recovery performance

agile and efficient, helping inspection applications to quickly and smoothly go to the cloud

after the inspection cloud platform is put into use, the existing inspection applications need to be smoothly migrated to the cloud data center to ensure business continuity and high reliability of migrated data. Support data collection and capacity planning before business migration. Support the application migration of mainstream operating systems through V2V and P2V migration tools. Choose offline or migration according to the application downtime requirements. The db2db migration tool supports the migration of SQL Server Databases specified in the measurement Law of Oracle, MySQL and s, and has SQL audit and optimization functions. Adopt the integrated business migration scheme based on the inspection cloud platform, fully consider the maximum interruption time requirements of the inspection application continuity for up to 5 (1) 0 years, minimize the business interruption time, and ensure that the inspection application and data are smoothly and safely migrated to the new inspection cloud platform

ZTE has completely independent intellectual property rights and is the mainstream manufacturer of domestic software and hardware equipment. ZTE actively explores and practices the application of new technologies such as cloud computing in procuratorial work, deeply studies the content of the 13th five year plan of procuratorial work, drives the transformation and upgrading of procuratorial digitalization with integration, promotes the strategic transformation of procuratorial work from scientific and technological services to innovation, and strives to promote the realization of intelligent procuratorial work 4.0

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