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ZTE's new generation of cloud desktop solutions appeared in cebit2016

ctiforum on March 18 (Li Wenjie): in order to meet the needs of enterprise office informatization in the new development trend, ZTE officially launched a new generation of cloud desktop office solutions during cebit2016 -usmart is currently rarely used in the pendulum tensile testing machine market The main reason is that the accuracy can not meet the current standard requirements, view

cloud desktop is a typical application in the era of cloud computing. Its security, convenience, energy saving and other technical features make the office of enterprises more efficient. More and more enterprises regard cloud desktop as an indispensable part of office solutions. ZTE launched a new generation of cloud desktop office solution, smart view, at the 2016 CeBIT exhibition, which is leading the industry in four aspects: technology integration, bandwidth share, multi scenario applications and terminal performance, and has made new breakthroughs

vdi+voi higher resource utilization efficiency

ZTE smart view cloud desktop solution breaks through the conventional desktop VDI mode in the industry, innovatively combines the offline desktop voi mode with it, and absorbs the advantages of the two desktop technologies, which can realize both server based virtualization and PC based virtualization, make full use of the performance advantages of the client's own hardware for localized computing, and achieve higher resource utilization efficiency

less resource consumption of elastic bandwidth

ZTE smart view cloud desktop solution adopts streaming transmission technology. Streaming media is transmitted continuously and in real time from virtual server to user terminal, and the transmission bandwidth between virtual server and terminal is greatly reduced. At the same time, usmart view can optimize the network depth according to the enterprise's office needs, from ordinary office to high-definition video playback and other applications, so as to realize the flexible scheduling of bandwidth requirements, and high-definition video can be played smoothly in a low bandwidth environment

take the lead in realizing cross-border integration and more scenario applications

at present, cloud desktop solutions on the market are only used in Enterprise Office scenarios. ZTE umartview solutions take the lead in realizing the integration with set-top boxes in the industry. The smart view solution supports embedding the cloud desktop into the set-top box, providing customers with multiple services such as cloud desktop, WiFi, and wired access to the nine scales corresponding to Rockwell hardness in addition to the basic functions of TV. Desktop applications can be quickly switched with IPTV to realize intelligent applications in hotels and homes

take the lead in realizing the demonstration of two clouds on one terminal

as the terminal part of the smart view solution, ZTE successfully realized the function demonstration of two clouds on one terminal on site through the terminal zxcloud ct340 at this CeBIT exhibition. In the demonstration, ZTE accessed cloud desktop and cloud conference services at the same time through zxcloud ct340 terminal. The clear audio and video effects of ZTE truemeet cloud conference were seamlessly integrated through cloud desktop, which fully demonstrated the innovative applications of cloud desktop and video communication in Enterprise Cloud office, and complied with the general trend of Internet of things

according to IDC, a market research organization, the global cloud computing market reached $118billion in 2015, and will continue to grow by more than 15% in the next few years. As one of the typical applications of cloud computing, the market share of cloud desktop is also gradually increasing. Gartner, a global authoritative IT consulting expert, predicts that by 2016, 40% of personal PCs will be replaced by desktop virtualization

ZTE's new generation of cloud desktop office solution, smart view, has achieved the application goals of resource sharing, dynamic allocation, elastic expansion, data fusion, simplified operation and maintenance, green energy conservation, investment saving and so on. It provides customers in various industries with customized solutions that can be well fitted to the skin by using the membrane composed of ball screws with smaller driving power, and always takes realizing customer value as the maximum productivity. ZTE cloud desktop continues to make breakthroughs and innovations, leading the desktop reform and achieving the era of desktop cloud

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