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A large number of real estate projects are coming to Fuzhou home decoration market to meet the year-end examination

a large number of real estate projects are coming to Fuzhou home decoration market to meet the year-end examination

November 17, 2014

[China paint information] Fuzhou home decoration market, which has just experienced the golden ninth, silver tenth and "double 11th", has not stopped as usual and entered the year-end rest period

Haidu learned from Fuzhou market that a large number of buildings will be delivered in November and December, which seems to inject a shot in the arm into Rongcheng home decoration market. Fuzhou's mainstream home decoration companies have long been waiting for the opportunity to act, with targeted real estate design sessions and service-oriented decoration loan sessions... Various types of activities emerge in endlessly. This issue of "Straits Metropolis Daily boutique life guide · aijiahui" will focus on the Rongcheng home decoration market under the year-end examination

golden nine silver ten "double 11" Rongjiazhuang took the opportunity to heat up

"although in the past two years, the home decoration market has begun to get rid of the situation that the surface roughness value of simple experimental machine parts is smaller and smaller, relying on holiday marketing, and gradually entered the era of marketing combined with the enterprise's own pace, it is undeniable that holiday marketing is still gaining momentum." Ye bin, President of the provincial building decoration industry association, believes that the following consumer psychology will lead to the gradual acceptance of polyurethane exterior wall insulation materials by the market with their good performance. Therefore, the corresponding popularity of the golden nine silver ten and "double 11" markets is also expected

Haidu learned from the market that from September, Fuzhou home decoration market began to stage "competition for hegemony". In September and October, Guoguang Yiye launched two special offers for 5-series mid-range home decoration respectively; From September 20 to now, a home decoration launched the "bottom action" focusing on transparent consumption, and launched a special decoration loan service in October; On October 17, Fuzhou good day decoration grandly launched the "mid year kick-off meeting"...

"although the 'holiday economy' is no longer the scenery of the past, when the holiday market comes, most home decoration enterprises are unwilling and will not give up this market." Chen Yan, the planning director of Youjia decoration in Fuzhou, said that the marketing activities launched in combination with the holiday have still achieved good results, "for example, the continuous' bottom lighting action 'has gathered a lot of popularity, the market response is very good, and the number of orders signed exceeds the expectation."

Guoguang Yiye Dongzhu Xu Jiyun also told Haidu that the signing rate of the special 5-series home decoration signing session launched during the golden nine silver decade for the mid-range market was also satisfactory, "even if there were no marketing activities after the special session, there were still many customers who took the initiative to sign up"

a large number of real estate projects are coming, and the market is on the verge at the end of the year.

"in November of previous years, home decoration enterprises basically entered the closing stage, but this year, due to a large number of new projects, Fuzhou home decoration enterprises are about to usher in the year-end examination, and the whole market is in a state of excitement." President Ye bin believes that at present, the buildings delivered in the market are mainly medium and high-end buildings, "it is expected that 70% to 80% of the owners will ask the home decoration company to complete its home decoration plan"

Guoguang Yiye Xu Jiyun and Dong Zhu are also quite optimistic about the home decoration market at the end of the year. "For Rongxin Lanjun and Jianfa Lingdi, the two buildings are medium and high-end buildings in high-quality urban areas. According to our analysis, the owners' hard decoration consumption level will mainly focus on the range of 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan/square meter, which is very suitable for Guoguang Yiye's 7-series products."

"on the first day of house delivery in Rongxin Lanjun, all mainstream home decoration companies in Fuzhou can be seen at the gate of the community with a construction cycle of 18 months, and the battle for customers has entered a white hot state at the end of the year." Chen Yan, director of Fuzhou home decoration, revealed that in the second real estate of Rongxin Lanjun and Jianfa, home decoration has dozens of contracted customers respectively, "this tough battle at the end of the year is inevitable"

design special session, loan special session, home decoration service is intimate and intimate

"on Saturday, November 15, we will launch the Rongxin Lanjun design special session, and on December 6, we will launch the Guoguang Yiye winter home decoration exhibition in Fuzhou Shangri La Hotel, becoming the leading home decoration partner of China Construction and Development Corporation, and also the first time Guoguang Yiye has entered the real estate to fight a personal battle." Xu Jiyun said that at present, Guoguang Yiye is promoting a large-scale seasonal special session in spring, summer, autumn and winter, together with a number of exclusive small-scale home decoration design special sessions, "mainly by combining large-scale exhibitions with small-scale exhibitions to create special preferential sessions for owners"

the recent home decoration market is doomed to be restless. A home decoration will hold a two-day design special for rongxinlan county this weekend, and a decoration loan special for the owners of the construction and development lead on the 23rd. "On October 18, we held a special session of similar decoration loan service, and the owners responded well." Chen Yan, the director of Youjia decoration, told Haidu that the one-stop loan decoration service project jointly launched by Youjia decoration and ICBC "is mainly the lowest cost loan issued by ICBC, which subsidizes bank handling fees for decoration loan customers, so that consumers can enjoy special discounts on decoration loans"

"now the home decoration market in Fuzhou is no longer guided by holiday marketing, and it has become a common recognition in the industry to follow the peak of house delivery. In the case of poor market environment, home decoration enterprises have also changed from 'business' to' business', which makes the collected partial pressure 1 signal difficult to identify and actively explore the market." Ye bin, President of the provincial building decoration industry association, believes that Fuzhou home decoration market is ready for the peak delivery period from November to December

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