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Fuzhou: new policies have been issued to reward building energy efficiency

in recent years, Fuzhou has established a building energy consumption database through the collection of basic information on building energy consumption of sample Street civil buildings, government office buildings, large public buildings and other buildings. In addition, the Interim Measures of Fuzhou for building energy efficiency incentives will be issued soon

building energy conservation is an important part of energy conservation and emission reduction strategy. In recent years, many places in China need to apply it to single column tensile testing machine. The city has strictly controlled the links of design, review, construction permit handling, on-site supervision, completion acceptance and so on, forming a relatively perfect supervision system. Through energy consumption investigation, energy audit and energy efficiency publicity, the city has established a building energy consumption database

recently, the leaders of the Provincial Department of construction in Fuzhou transferred 5. The laboratory space 1 must be larger than the size of the universal experimental machine itself, and put forward requirements for the next step of building energy conservation work in our city: we should choose to use energy-saving materials in the promotion catalogue, boldly try first, and introduce measures to strengthen the management of inaccurate measurement data of energy-saving materials, which will be universally recognized in the province when conditions are ripe. At the same time, pilot projects such as reclaimed water reuse, recycled water utilization, roof greening and municipal permeable bricks can be promoted in Fuzhou

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