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ZTE helped China Mobile win the "2020 CMP excellent case" award

recently, China Mobile won the 2020 CMP excellent case award at the 2021 cloud management and cloud conference with the edge cloud CMP application and practice. ZTE, as a CMP provider, has been widely used in many fields. Starting from the edge cloud scenario, combined with the key demands of China Mobile, it promotes the cloud management platform. In view of the above situation, it believes that the following adjustments should be made: the application and practice of edge cloud

the cloud management and cloud conference hosted by the China Academy of information and communications and the China information and Communications Standardization Association is one of the most influential conferences in the field of cloud management and cloud, which aims to further promote the innovative development of cloud computing and improve the level of cloud management platform technology and cloud services

in 2020, ZTE built a unified edge cloud management platform based on ZTE tech director cloud management products in the 2018 CDN pilot project of China Mobile Edge cloud collaboration. Adhering to the concept of managing a cloud, ZTE managed virtual machines, containers and other resources in a unified manner, provided a unified edge cloud operation and maintenance access point, solved the problem that chimney heterogeneous clouds are difficult to be managed centrally, and reduced the operation and maintenance cost; For edge cloud nodes and applications that need to apply for and manage multiple virtual resources independently, the pain point of low deployment efficiency and difficult maintenance, the edge cloud management platform provides application scheduling services, which realizes the rapid opening and monitoring of apps, greatly improves the deployment efficiency and reduces the management difficulty. At the same time, the edge cloud management platform (CMP) provides the management capabilities of tenants and users based on multiple levels of dimensions, so that each type of user has its own private portal, and provides various measurement and statistical capabilities to help administrators accurately evaluate the resource utilization of the resource pool

the project helps China Mobile accumulate best practice experience in the field of edge cloud resources and capacity sharing. With the massive construction of edge cloud, the edge cloud management platform will provide more capabilities in resource pool management and capacity opening, cloud edge collaboration, cloud integration and other aspects in the future

this award further proves the recognition of ZTE's multi cloud management ability by industry customers including China Mobile. In the future, ZTE will continue to actively promote the commercial use of multi cloud management technology in the edge cloud: landing, and jointly promote and promote the innovative development of cloud computing with operators and partners

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