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ZTE launched U

ctiforum for the radio and television market on February 21 (Li Wenjie). The timing of bridge construction and foaming agent decomposition is the most important: from March 20 to 22, at the 22nd China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition (ccbn2014) held in Beijing, ZTE launched u-cable solutions for the radio and television market to help the transformation and upgrading of two-way IP networks for radio and television The broadband speed is greatly increased, the media is flexibly adapted, TCO is saved, and the network value is rapidly increased

the u-cable solution launched by ZTE is a solution tailored to the current situation of the radio and television market. According to the degree of light advance and copper retreat and two-way evolution, provide different solutions for alloy high carbon steel or low carbon alloy steel, cold work die steel and other channels, covering new construction, transformation, blind filling and other application scenarios, taking into account household, commercial and personal applications. This scheme combines the advantages of FTTx and copper wire resources to FTTx@Cable Create a flexible and adaptive broadband access network, taking into account the protection and maintenance of electronic universal testing machine. The two-way transformation and performance improvement of the existing CATV network, and expand to the field of commercial applications. It is committed to providing intimate and accurate network services, helping radio and television operators speed up the last kilometer of broadband, and creating a flexible and adaptive broadband access to eobb network under the heavy downward pressure of the economy

ZTE u-cable solution provides the deployment and operation and maintenance of a series of products suitable for radio and television networks, including a series of FTTx office and terminal equipment, a series of c-docsis/eoc office and terminal, and a unified management service system, which fully guarantees the effective operation of the network in terms of QoS, security, management, operation and maintenance, provides differentiated business experience and guarantee, and creates a golden network of value-added services, So as to comprehensively improve the revenue of radio and television operators

as a leading equipment provider in the broadband field, ZTE has been committed to providing customers with satisfactory solutions and considerate services, and providing customized services according to the needs of different users. U-cable solutions provide a full range of scene adaptation, products and services, combined with strong engineering execution capabilities, to ensure end-to-end high-quality delivery, and help radio and television operators to build a well operated and evolvable broadband network to achieve leapfrog development

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