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ZTE is coming. 5g has a look at

ZTE seems to have been in a downturn since its sky high fine was recognized by the public. However, his power in 5g technology cannot be ignored. Recently, ZTE officially announced that it would hold a press conference at Barcelona Mobile Communication Exhibition on February 25 to officially launch its 5g

on January 18 this year, ZTE's official Weibo said that ZTE 5g intelligent terminal has achieved the world's leading 5g

it is reported that ZTE and China Unicom Guangdong branch have opened the first 5g test field in Shenzhen, and completed voice calls, video, page browsing and other projects

it is understood that the test adopts the 5g overall solution provided by ZTE, including a complete set of end-to-end products such as wireless access, core, transmission bearer, intelligent terminal, etc

after ZTE resumed its work, its R & D investment increased sharply against the trend. In the third quarter, 3.465 billion yuan has been invested in R & D expenses, with a year-on-year increase of 37.47%, accounting for 17.92%

the main fields of investment include: 5g wireless, core, conventional bearer, intervention, chip and other core fields. In 5g communication field, ZTE has reached a new level every year, and the technology is still the leading position

last April, ZTE successfully opened the first 5g based on 3GPP R15 standard in China in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. At the end of October, ZTE and data terminal dialed the signal in Shanghai R & D center and officially completed the 5g call of the simulation system. ZTE has realized 5g uplink and 5g transceiver under the simulation system for the first time

this is crucial for ZTE to continue to extend the life of the enterprise. It is reported that the known 5g support band in the industry is mainly sub6g. This information is best considered in the early stage. ZTE has reserved industry-leading antenna solutions, which can support full band coverage from sub6g to millimeter wave, and can meet the needs of major mainstream operators around the world

facing this 5g debut, I believe ZTE is also well prepared.

then look forward to the press conference on February 25

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