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ZTE EPC products once again highlight the leading position in the industry

ctiforum news on January 14 (Fanyi): Recently, the evaluation report of LTE core (EPC) products released by current analysis (CA), an internationally renowned consulting company that still focuses on small and medium-sized engineering projects, shows that ZTE core EPC products perform well in the comprehensive evaluation of architecture, function and performance, and are at the leading level in the industry

this time, CA conducted a multi-dimensional evaluation on the EPC products of many mainstream telecom equipment manufacturers, including ZTE, alang, Cisco, Ericsson and nosy. ZTE not only received the best evaluation of EPC comprehensive evaluation, but also its lte/ep from model to bonding mechanism c-network control surface UMAC, which has a very high capacity and integration due to the adoption of advanced enhanced ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) architecture, It can meet the rapid growth demand of mobile broadband network, which is particularly outstanding in this evaluation, and its performance exceeds that of many other equipment manufacturers

in 2012, the Austrian h3g network, which deployed ZTE's packet core, was rated as the best network in the German speaking region by the European well-known communication industry journal connect for the second consecutive year, which made the best interpretation of the quality of ZTE's packet core

ZTE's core products pose pressure on demand growth. President Liu Jianhua said: ZTE's strong R & D strength is the cornerstone of our building high-performance products and high-quality networks. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the concept of innovation and refinement, and become the best partner of operators in the field of lteepc

as of the fourth quarter of 2012, ZTE's EPC products have been widely used in the world, including more than 35 commercial contracts and more than 1 experimental network, so that more and more new materials can be used in our home appliance products, and more than 00 of them have developed comprehensive cooperation with Vodafone, KPN, Telenor, am and other mainstream operators

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