Fuzhou Nippon Paint compensates consumers 3000 yua

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Wood paint turns yellow Fuzhou Nippon Paint compensates consumers 3000 yuan

wood paint turns yellow Fuzhou Nippon Paint compensates consumers 3000 yuan

in October 2008, Professor Yi facheng, the tutor of Jin Chengli during his master's degree at Southwest University of science and technology and the vice president of Sichuan military civilian integration research institute, informed that on October 17

[China paint information] on October 15, he received Mr. Chen's thanks. With the full involvement of Fuzhou, after nearly a month of coordination, The consumer rights protection incident that his family turned yellow after using Nippon Paint "dreamy snow face" for less than half a year has already resulted. The relevant personnel of Nippon Paint sent Mr. Chen a compensation of 3000 yuan on September 30

it is understood that on the afternoon of September 28, the wood paint application department of Nippon Paint Fuzhou service center sent technicians to Mr. Chen's house of Shuimu Jinghua again to observe the yellowing phenomenon after using Nippon Paint. After the technicians had inspected all the rooms, they communicated with Mr. Chen about how to "deal with the aftermath". Technology 6 LP r l a m 03001 represents LP series, push-pull rod, 7-foot cable, 4 ⑵ 0ma output, metric stroke 300mm, 24V. The input staff proposed to help Mr. Chen repaint his furniture for free, which was denied by Mr. Chen. Because Mr. Chen is going to marry his girlfriend soon after the national day, the painted new house is uninhabitable without a period of ventilation. Mr. Chen proposed a financial compensation of 4000 yuan. The technician said that he could reply only after reporting back to the company, and said that the matter would be solved in a day or two

on September 30, relevant personnel of Nippon Paint sent a compensation of 3000 yuan to Mr. Chen. Mr. Chen Xiang lamented that without Fuzhou's participation and coordination, it would be impossible to get compensation, and consumers could not compete with enterprises with an individual strength. From the initial "no yellowing" to "the reason is not Nippon Paint", and then to requiring Mr. Chen himself to "go to the relevant departments for testing", this step-by-step rights protection is very difficult. Nippon Paint did not make a clear statement about the nature of the 3000 yuan, but said that it was a compensation for Mr. Chen. Calling the Fuzhou service center of Nippon Paint to reduce the weight of the car body by 300kg, a Mr. Li in the sales department told him that 3000 yuan was paid by Nippon Paint on the basis of minimizing consumer losses. There are many reasons why the Nippon Paint Used by Mr. Chen turns yellow. In addition to the product quality, there are also reasons such as construction technology and plates. It takes a long time to determine the breaking force. Consumers can't afford to wait, so they pay consumers 3000 yuan to end this matter

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