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ZTE's low bandwidth remote and safe office escorts the resumption of office work for enterprises. At present, enterprises should adhere to the fight against the epidemic on the one hand, while resuming production is also urgent. Therefore, telecommuting has become the choice of many enterprises

however, most remote office software cannot access the company's office system remotely, which hinders the safe access of the company's business system and confidential information. These problems have become the pain points for enterprises to be unable to operate normally and deal with many work tasks during home office. And because of the use of a large number of enterprise users, it brings a lot of bandwidth pressure to many Internet remote office software, and the problems of information delay and jam are serious. At the same time, information security has also become a headache for enterprise managers

as the world's leading provider of integrated communication solutions, ZTE has always been committed to promoting the transformation of industry digitalization. Its cloud computer products' low bandwidth remote secure office solutions can provide high-quality protection for home office during the epidemic. High concurrency, ultra-low bandwidth occupation, and smoother office

ZTE umartview cloud computer adopts self-developed desktop rap streaming protocol and efficient coding and compression technology. The bandwidth occupation is reduced to about 100k, reaching the international first-class standard, realizing efficient and lossless compression of desktop data. At the same time, it supports wanduan high concurrency, and ensures the reliability and stability of office work, which is expected to change the situation that domestic high-end aluminum products rely on imports after remote production

during the epidemic period, ZTE opened nearly 30000 cloud desktop accounts. First, insert the probe into the maximum range number, of which one day and developed to the peak (17000-19000 terminals), more than 30million instant messages a day, 200000 approvals, 2million + emails, and 4000 + audio and video meetings a day. It truly achieved full coverage of work content. We can explain with 10 points: ensure the real-time cooperation between the company's global employees and all business departments. Its Internet Office System (VPN, cloud desktop system platform) has withstood the peak test of wanduan remote office, and the overall operation is stable

intelligent operation and maintenance, whole process security protection, and construction of 4A level office standard

ZTE umartview cloud computer solution can real-time manage the use of employees' desktops and the operation of various indicators such as cloud terminals, servers, and networks through the fully intelligent and visual operation and maintenance analysis system insight, automatically carry out desktop fault location, alarm, and batch remote maintenance, and improve the efficiency of security control by 90%

in order to ensure the information security requirements of the company's mobile office, ZTE umartview cloud computer provides PC, laptop, tablet and other terminal access devices with the ability to access the company's office resources anytime and anywhere, so as to realize the strategy of not landing application data. In the end cloud integrated remote office solution, it realizes multi maintenance and comprehensive reinforcement of terminal data security, network security, system security and access security, which provides a guarantee for the company's 4A level remote office and efficient collaborative office

desktop data sharing meeting, efficient collaboration

once again, we should adhere to

on the basis of basic office collaboration, ZTE remote office system also integrates the functions of the company's independently developed video conference system and shared desktop, so that global employees and business departments can quickly initiate desktop data sharing meetings, realize real-time remote conference communication, and greatly improve the efficiency of collaborative office, It not only ensures the business continuity of the company in extraordinary times, but also avoids the risk of cross infection caused by personnel mobility and aggregation, effectively prevents the spread and spread of novel coronavirus, and enables the company's employees to cooperate with each other at home and complete various work tasks efficiently

at present, ZTE umartview cloud computer has been widely deployed in government, finance, education, government, medical treatment, operators and other industries, and has successfully delivered more than 300000 desktop users worldwide. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, ZTE will help fight the epidemic with all-round scientific and technological strength, race against time, go all out to provide safe, smooth and convenient remote safe office solutions for relevant enterprises, units and other institutions, contribute to the epidemic prevention and control, and escort the resumption of office work for enterprises

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