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ZTE Tangshan Steel Billet quotation 1460 enterprise tour Hangzhou station set sail

Jiangnan memory, the most memory is Hangzhou. By the West Lake, the spring dawn of SUDI, the autumn moon of Pinghu Lake, and the evening clock of Nanping, countless beautiful scenery and endless poetic charm. Hangzhou is like a fair lady, beautiful, gentle, elegant and moving. But if it's only beauty, it's inevitably a little monotonous. Hangzhou, known as the paradise on earth, is not only beautiful, but also full of wisdom

in 2012, the master plan for the construction of smart Hangzhou () was officially released. In 2016, the 13th five year plan of Hangzhou proposed to comprehensively promote the construction of a smart city by taking the opportunity of hosting the smart Asian Games. On July 5, in Hangzhou, where beauty and wisdom coexist, ZTE officially launched the 2016 national government enterprise tour

in fact, ZTE is an important participant and witness in the construction of smart Hangzhou. In 2012, ZTE successfully won the bid for the communication system integration project of Hangzhou Metro Line 1. So far, it has participated in the construction of Hangzhou rail transit projects for many times. In 2013, ZTE and its partners jointly completed the master plan of Hangzhou smart city construction. In 2016, ZTE established an ICT industry innovation base and smart Transportation College in Hangzhou to help Hangzhou and even the whole Zhejiang smart city construction and development

with the theme of "smart city painting the world", ZTE Hangzhou tour will comprehensively display the comprehensive solutions of ZTE smart city and share the achievements, benchmark cases and star products of ZTE smart city construction around the three dimensions of good governance, benefiting the people and promoting industry

Mr. Mao Guanglie, the advocator and pioneer of China's smart city and former governor of Zhejiang Province, made an opening comment for the tour

Huang Huiying, general manager of ZTE's domestic marketing of government and enterprises in East China, delivered a speech

at the tour site, the guests at the main venue warmly discussed topics such as smart city ecosystem, smart transportation integrated solutions, e-government cloud solutions, and the sub venue focused on smart transportation Smart education and other sub industries to share. The exhibition area focuses on ZTE smart government, public safety, smart transportation, smart education, smart finance, smart electricity and other solutions and products

During the period of

, ZTE smart city 2.0 welcomes people from all walks of life to visit, and the concept of guidance has attracted widespread attention. As one of the first manufacturers to enter the field of smart city, ZTE has creatively put forward the concept of smart city 2.0, one map one cloud architecture, urban shared big data cloud platform, innovative business model under PPP mode and urban cooperative operation after years of smart city research, exploration and practice. The construction of smart city should be supported by top-level design and evaluation system, and realize the four goals of benefiting people's livelihood, scientific management, industrial extension, recycling and value-added through three major innovations: technical architecture, operation mode and business mode

at present, ZTE smart city solutions have been implemented in more than 140 cities in 40 countries around the world, and smart Yinchuan is the best practice of smart city 2.0. In terms of overall solutions, ZTE takes the top-level design as a powerful starting point, innovates the overall architecture of "one picture one cloud", and plans to build 13 sub modules of 10 major systems, such as smart government, safe city and smart transportation. In terms of business model, ZTE has built a multi industry trilateral business model based on the PPP model, which solves the problem of excessive one-time investment and ensures the sustainable development of smart city industry

with the leading concept of smart city 2.0 and the successful Yinchuan model, ZTE has not only won the full recognition and recommendation of Premier Li Keqiang and Minister Miao Wei of the Ministry of industry and information technology, including the corrosion, degradation, wear and property degradation of materials by the biological environment after the hammer contacts the impact specimen, but also won the special award of the president of TM Forum (Telecommunications Management Forum), the benchmark enterprise of China's smart city Leading smart city solution provider, Asia Pacific leading smart city top-level design award, global smart city excellent cases, smart city PPP innovative financing scheme and many other awards

by the West Lake, the journey of wisdom has set sail. ZTE will bring the world's leading smart city solutions and practical experience to eight cities, including Hangzhou, Xi'an, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Nanjing. The next stop will be the charming ancient capital Xi'an. For more wonderful content, please look forward to the follow-up report

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