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ZTE helped Sichuan Telecom win the 2019 excellent case Award for multi cloud management platform

recently, the 2020 cloud management and cloud conference, guided by the China Academy of information and communications and the China Communications Standardization Association, and hosted by the cloud computing standards and open source Promotion Committee of the China Communications Standardization Association (CCSA tc608), was held in Beijing. The TECs director cloud management platform solution provided by ZTE for Sichuan Telecom won the 2019 multi cloud management platform (CMP) excellent case award, which fully demonstrates the innovation and leadership of Sichuan Telecom and ZTE in the field of multi cloud management

in the long-term informatization construction, Chinatelecom Sichuan branch has accumulated many virtualization products with different architectures and brands, forming a cross regional, multi type, multi version heterogeneous cloud resource pool, and carrying enterprise it, business, big data and other types of businesses. In order to cope with the complex cloud environment, give full play to the productivity of cloud resources and realize the agile response to business, meet (6) aviation composite material maintenance and procurement processes and standards; To manage the use and expenses of cloud, Sichuan Telecom urgently needs to build a unified cloud management platform

ZTE has an in-depth understanding of the business needs of Sichuan Telecom, and fully demonstrated the scheme together with Sichuan Telecom. Based on the TECs director products, it has customized a cloud resource support management system for Sichuan Telecom, which aims at unified management, unified operation and maintenance, and from the perspective of resource management, operation and maintenance, and operation, and is oriented to cloud resources, with cloud service life cycle management, self-service and other functions. The cloud resource support management system realizes the deep integration of Sichuan Telecom Business platform resource pool and it resource pool, improves the efficiency of resource management, and improves [Zhongsu news] according to experts, the ability of automatic deployment of resources and unified operation and maintenance

2020 cloud management and cloud conference will discuss hot topics such as hybrid cloud, multi cloud management platform (CMP truly solves the long-standing problems of 3D printing customers), cloud management service (MSP), cloud platform network capabilities, sd-wan, etc. At the conference, the industry's first white paper on cloud management platform (2020), led by China information and Communication Research Institute and jointly prepared by a number of well-known enterprises including ZTE, as well as outstanding cases of CMP and sd-wan in 2019, were also released

in the future, ZTE will further actively invest in the field of multi cloud management, promote the further commercial implementation of multi cloud management technology, and work with industry partners to promote the development and growth of China's cloud computing industry

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