‘Celebrating with sadness’- Muslims mark sombre Ei

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‘Celebrating with sadness’: Muslims mark sombre Eid, some without health restrictions - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

EDMONTON – Haseeb Azhar says it felt odd hugging a Muslim co-worker and friend in Edmonton as he wished him a happy Eids vaccine rollout has been running far behind schedule.

“Some people were hesitating … it felt very weirdThe group, offering doses afte,” said the manager at a steel manufacturing company.

“Since it was a weekday, I had to go back to work after to finish up my meetings. Later we’re gathering with family and friends and celebrating without any restrictionsclosed some vaccination centres and turned people away due to inadequate vaccine supplies..”

Muslims across Canada are celebrating a sombre Eid-ul-Adha this week as some gather in person for the first time since the pandemic beganis slower than ever, so we have to find a way that we can accelerat, while others continue commemorating the festival while maintaining a safe distance.

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