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Koala paint chenxiuxiang: the first to promote health and environmental protection paint

interview time: June 24, 2010

interview place: Australian Koala paint exhibition hall of Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo

interview guest: chenxiuxiang, general manager of key accounts of Shenzhen AODA paint Co., Ltd.

host: Sina home Xingyao

the following is the interview record:

[Sina]: Hello, President Chen! Could you first introduce the brand of Koala paint in Australia

[chenxiuxiang]: koala is an enterprise established in 1999. Its products are technology imported from Australia. At the beginning, there were not many environmental protection concepts and specific physical performance requirements in China's furniture terminal market. In the past, this kind of paint didn't say whether it was national standard or not, and it was ok if the physical properties could be achieved. It didn't say too many requirements. Since there are national standards, after years of efforts, we can see that our production capacity and market promotion have increased sharply every year. Our koala is mainly based on the concept of "health, priceless and environmental protection"

[Sina]: how much market share can AUDA brand achieve

[chenxiuxiang]: our market is mainly in South China and Guangdong. The sales volume in Guangdong in about a year is not just furniture paint, because we are also making exterior walls and interior walls. Mainly hotels and real estate, with few consumers. Our scope covers the whole Guangdong field. For example, there are some brands in Jisheng Weibang, 70% and 80% of which are our users, mainly first-line brands, such as Hong Kong Jiaxie, and our Shenzhen Jiaxie, such as Xingli, huayuanxuan and so on. There are many stores in first-line brands, Guangdong is relatively large, such as Dongguan, mainly in the Pearl River Delta

[Sina]: have you introduced any new technologies or materials in recent years

[chenxiuxiang]: because wood furniture is now used, consumers are now more in pursuit of healthy things. It suddenly dawned on me and I found the answer. Well, it has been used in European countries for several years. In fact, we are also relatively mature. What is the concept of water-based wood paint? Water based wood paint is similar to our traditional furniture. The paint used to be paint type, but now it is the concept of adding tap water and painting on the home. The other is UV. UV is light curing. Because our furniture industry is an application-oriented enterprise, UV is mainly fast and environmental protection. Where is environmental protection reflected? Emission and volatilization are the volatile pollutants in the atmosphere, mainly water-based UV and water-based wood paint. It has been two years since the introduction of FRP tensile testing machine, a new generation of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine

[Sina]: what effect do you hope to achieve through this exhibition

[chenxiuxiang]: this should be our second exhibition, because the first time is also some presidents of our Guangdong Chamber of Commerce. We have been cooperating with them in the supply chain. We have always emphasized "sunshine procurement". Our material trading. Last year, we held a relatively small fair similar to the fair in Houjie. How do we hope to do the next one? Let's do it on the spot. The time is staggered, Bosses like these can sit down and talk about even one thing when they have time

because when you do a furniture exhibition, he has no time to receive his dealers. Our travel from Houjie to Guangzhou is enough to prove the recognition of major furniture users for our promotion. Then, from our next session, it should grow to 30000 to 50000 square meters. I am also an organization that holds an exhibition. I think there should be results, because there are no relevant topics in China. So even if there are some, it is to touch the car with the furniture exhibition. What are the benefits after we open it? With our users, we should guide our customers to talk about cooperation. The boss will put our things out, because the traditional furniture industry is like this, and we constantly do "sunshine procurement"

[Sina]: is this what you expect from the exhibition

[chenxiuxiang]: I think this theme has laid a better foundation for our next session, because our peers, including our users and our furniture supply chain, will see this. After bringing him here, I think that after passing this exhibition, I hope the next session will be bigger, Bring more furniture suppliers to participate

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