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[longxingtianxia] the supreme efficiency in the open-pit mine detailed explanation of Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator

[longxingtianxia] the supreme efficiency in the open-pit mine detailed explanation of Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator

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welcome to Shandong Lingong "longxingtianxia" column. The protagonist of our story in this issue is Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator, which is in Shenmu open-pit coal mine at this time, Let's have a look at its performance

soft efficiency and hard skill

on Shenmu open pit coal mine in Shaanxi Province, two Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavators are carrying out coal mining and loading operations, and a car with a volume of 50m can be filled in minutes ³ Left and right coal carts

Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator has a working weight of 50t. In terms of power, it is equipped with an original imported engine, with a rated power of 270kw, which is 10% higher than the previous model. Sd130a has the function of automatic return to idle speed. After 5S (default) of joystick inaction, the engine will automatically reduce to idle speed. This engine has the advantages of large displacement, low speed, low noise and low fuel consumption. It has been tested by the market for a long time, and is widely used in the temporary series of mine excavators, which is highly praised by users

when the pendulum is installed in Shenmu open-pit coal plant, the coal seam changes a lot, sometimes soft, sometimes hard. Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator can easily cope with various working modes. The driver can choose freely according to the actual working conditions. When encountering the soft coal layer, he can choose the economic (g) mode. Loading a truck of coal in 3 minutes saves fuel and is efficient. When encountering hard coal seams, the driver can choose the heavy load (H) mode, which can ensure both working efficiency and fuel efficiency

Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator is developed for heavy-duty working conditions in mines. It shows ingenuity in the design, material selection and processing of working devices, upper and lower frames, and four-wheel areas. It not only improves product reliability, but also ensures operation safety

its 2pellethane TPU is a safe, stable and excellent PVC replacement material 8m ³ The super large bucket and unique bucket type are very conducive to excavation. The maximum bucket excavation force is 276.5kn and the maximum excavation depth is 7030mm, which can improve the production efficiency

mining heavy equipment shows strength everywhere

as a mining heavy equipment, Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator shows strong strength everywhere. In addition to the 13L large displacement engine, it also applies a 70t level large flow main control valve, which has small throttling loss and lower fuel consumption. Because there are many laboratory machines for wood-based panels on the market, I copied his fixture. The perfect matching and intelligent control between the hydraulic system and the engine realize low fuel consumption

the hydraulic system of the temporary e6500f plus adopts the working form of double rotation motor series drive, which has large rotation force, fast rotation speed and high productivity

in order to cope with harsh mine conditions, Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator is also equipped with oil bath air filter as standard, which is significantly better than ordinary air filter in filtering particles and dust, greatly reducing the occurrence of engine premature grinding and other faults

the independent heat dissipation system is different from the conventional series arrangement. Shandong Lingong e6500f plus excavator adopts an independent heat dissipation layout. The super large radiator and hydraulic motor drive the large fan to improve the heat dissipation capacity, so that the hydraulic oil temperature is low, the hydraulic system is more stable, and the service life is longer

in the mine construction environment, the working environment with high vibration and noise often brings work fatigue to the operators, and even causes various occupational diseases. The temporary e6500f plus adopts a luxurious cab and humanized vibration damping design, providing a safe and comfortable control environment for drivers

the top of the cab and the upper and lower parts of the front windshield are equipped with protection as standard, which is safer for personnel and machines

the cab is equipped with a suspension seat with weight adjustment function as standard, and the seat height and longitudinal inclination can be easily adjusted through an upper rod. The armrest can be adjusted together with the console, so that the operator can operate in a comfortable posture

Shandong Lingong e6500f plus is ingeniously designed for heavy-duty working conditions in mines. It inherits European technology. Core components such as engines, pumps and valves come from world-famous brands. The whole machine has excellent performance and reliable quality. It is a real mine weight

e6500f plus

mine boutique efficiency is supreme

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