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Doosan group participated in ces for the first time, and its scientific and technological strength exploded

Doosan group has participated in ces in the policy intensive release period for the first time since last year, and its scientific and technological strength has exploded

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on January 7-10, local time in the United States, Doosan group participated in the CES 2020 exhibition in Las Vegas, the United States. CES is the abbreviation of international consumer electronics exhibition, and it is also the most influential consumer electronics exhibition in the world

this year is Doosan's first official exhibition of CES. With the goal of "creating a safer and more convenient future with our technology", it shows Doosan's future in various fields such as energy can quickly determine the required range, engineering machinery, robots, UAVs, etc

the purpose of Doosan group is to show the new future vision that Doosan pursues, and more widely publicize the Doosan brand in the global market. At the same time, with the boundary between the traditional manufacturing industry and the information technology industry gradually disintegrating, we should look for solutions that can realize Doosan's future growth at the scene of the gathering of the most advanced technologies

Doosan took "fun" and "tomorrow" as concepts to show digital based products and technologies on this ces. And the booth is composed of four parts of "construction tomorrow", "mobility tomorrow", "factory tomorrow" and "energy tomorrow"

interestingly, at the Doosan booth, the collaborative robot of Doosan robot technology and DJ conducted a cool advertising performance, which attracted a large number of viewers to stop and watch. "Collaborative robot bartender" also made drip filtered coffee for the audience

during the exhibition, President Park Tingyuan of Doosan group personally led the management led by Vice President Park Zhiyuan of Doosan group to visit the exhibition site. President Park said to the management: "we should think and practice more, lead the latest technology trend in our business field", "we should work harder and strive to realize our future vision proposed at this year's ces in advance"

at this CES, Doosan also demonstrated technologies such as the hydrogen fuel cell UAV, which won the highest Innovation Award in South Korea, the construction site integrated control solution "concept-x" based on 5g real-time communication, and the augmented reality (AR) operating procedures that can be experienced by Doosan equipment

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