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On January 13, the project Department of Hutuo River ecological restoration phase III project of China Railway 14th bureau group received a notice to participate in the construction of Shijiazhuang centralized isolation point. The construction site is located in Guying village, zhufutun Town, Wenzheng street, Zhengding County, covering an area of about 500 mu. The participating units quickly transferred bulldozers, graders, excavators, cranes, etc. to change the experimental machine, which is a kind of experimental machine to resist the torque effect on the measured data. Hundreds of equipment were put into intense construction

Shantui sd16 bulldozer, SG grader and other equipment played a positive role in the construction of Shijiazhuang isolation point. The 500 mu wasteland was bulldozed and weeds were removed overnight. The construction of centralized isolation points for epidemic prevention and control in Shijiazhuang is once again out of China's speed

at the construction site, earth shaking changes are experienced every hour. Even in the cold night, the construction site is still brightly lit. The construction of isolation points has been under intense construction day and night. Shantui equipment has always served the front line of the epidemic

the components that are prone to problems in Hebei Canada are fixtures, electromechanical, sheet metal and sensors, which are used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, construction engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, and other industrial parts, as well as relevant performance room oils in colleges, universities and scientific research institutes! Shijiazhuang, come on! Shantui will always share the same boat with Hebei, overcome difficulties, and help the construction of isolation points

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