The most fiery medium tapping is no longer a myth.

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"Tapping in carbon" is no longer the first coking benzene to caprolactam unit in China built and put into operation

"tapping in carbon" is no longer the first coking benzene to caprolactam unit in China built and put into operation, paint,

"tapping in carbon" is no longer the first coking benzene to caprolactam unit in China built and put into operation

to achieve deep dyeing, ultra-fine denier, anti pilling The scope production of antistatic differential fibers; Developing flexible manufacturing technology July 11, 2017

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in the impression of ordinary people, converting coal into electricity, gas and oil is no longer a new thing, but it is almost fantastic to peel coal into fibers like silk. On July 9, with the production of 100000 tons of caprolactam of Lubao group, the lactam device for the production of test samples was officially put into operation and the extension of the 100000 tons of caprolactam polymerization chip drawing project, it is no longer a myth to draw wire from coal. This is the first project in the world to produce caprolactam with coking benzene as raw material, and also the first domestic coking benzene caprolactam synthesis unit. Its operation marks the breakthrough of the coal chemical industry in our province from the expansion of coal products to the extension of carbon molecular structure and the leap from traditional coal chemical industry to modern fine chemical industry

Lubao group is a key coke production enterprise in our province. In recent years, the group adheres to the development strategy of "taking the deep processing and transformation of coal resources and clean utilization as the development path, taking green, environmental protection and circular development as the concept, taking scientific and technological progress and management innovation as the support, and taking building an international first-class and domestic leading modern fine chemical industry park as the goal", and comprehensively promotes the transformation of enterprises from traditional coal chemical industry to modern fine chemical industry, One after another, it has become a coal chemical industry chain extension project with more than 10 billion yuan, forming three industrial chains: comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas, deep processing of coking benzene, and deep processing of coal tar, realizing the transformation from traditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry. On this basis, they focused on the high-end technology in the fine chemical industry, invested 3.2 billion yuan, and started the construction of an annual output of 100000 tons of caprolactam project in May 2012, including eight process units, including synthetic ammonia, crude benzene refining, hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, cyclohexanone oxime, caprolactam and so on. The device adopts the advanced ammoximation technology of CTI company in Italy and Sulzer concentration technology in Switzerland. It is the first device in China that completely synthesizes caprolactam with coking benzene at present. It not only shortens the process flow, operates under mild conditions, and has low pressure and temperature, but also realizes zero discharge of waste gas, waste water and solid waste. It is a green energy-saving and environmental protection project in the United States if the standard method is changed

while actively exploring the high-end development and sustainable development of the coal chemical industry, Lubao group will further extend the fine chemical industry chain, invest 10 billion yuan to build a series of fine chemical projects, such as 100000 tons of caprolactam polymer chip drawing, million tons of methanol phase III, 600000 tons of methanol to olefins, 600000 tons of high-energy ammonium sulfate granular fertilizer, and gradually form a national first-class modern fine chemical park

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