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The aggressive robot attack is coming! What can you do to save your security system

automation and artificial intelligence are the hottest terms at present. The two are double-edged swords, which will bring various conveniences to people's work and life when combined with 3C Internet devices; Combined with the attack, it becomes a disaster. The current attack has formed a domino effect, which is imminent. Hackers only need to input the address they want to attack on a robot attack program, set parameters, test methods, test rules, verify the problem, and then click Submit. The robot attack program can be scanned. After the vulnerability is scanned, the vulnerability library will automatically match and then launch an attack. What the hacker does is wait for the hare and activate the trigger key

fighting alone is not the style of hackers. In more cases, the black industry chain will be organized and disciplined to perform their respective duties. They use intelligent and automated attack programs, or brutally crack accounts, steal confidential data, or use automatic tools to swipe arbitrage through batch registration of small numbers. In a word, only you can't think of it, and they can't do it without them

automated attacks are more aggressive

this is not the author's alarmism. In fact, with the rise of advanced persistent denial of service (APDOS) attacks against the web and the increase in the capacity and coverage of complex BOT attacks, security attacks have become more aggressive. Especially in the fields of operators, governments, finance, e-commerce, payment and so on, efficient large-scale attacks launched by automated tools (such as malicious crawlers, database collisions, false registration, transaction tampering, zero day attacks, etc.) have significantly increased the security risks of enterprises and government institutions at the business, application and data levels

Carl Herberger, vice president of Radware security solutions, once reminded the public that it is not just human beings who are fighting in the front line of information security. Because defense measures are always defeated by more and more automated complex attacks and new attack technologies, people have been unable to deploy detection technology and respond in real time. We are about to face the decline of artificial network defense measures and the rise of network robot program defense measures

with the emergence of robot attacks, traditional security protection manufacturers are the first to face pressure. It is obvious that traditional defense means are stretched out in the face of automated attacks. Enterprise users also need more advanced detection products and security solutions to resist new security threats

break the situation in another way

many security manufacturers have begun to take positive action. Some security manufacturers believe that the barbarians should be defeated by the barbarians, and automated defense should also be used to resist robot attacks, which is the so-called use of robots to deal with robots

automatically lubricated with 100 oil; Chemical safety defense is indeed a major trend in the future. It is more efficient and cost-effective. It can give safety protection and provide a higher level of protection for iron mills who are not willing to adjust prices. However, in terms of the current development status of automation, the intelligence of automation, the level of self machine learning and the matching with the technical operation and maintenance team have restricted its development. Some enterprise customers even worry that after the deployment of automated security defense solutions, once the vulnerabilities of this defense system are exploited by black market customers, isn't it equivalent to opening the door to be slaughtered

is there a new security idea that is more in line with the current situation to solve the problem of Robot Attack? The dynamic security concept proposed by Swiss digital information is very worthy of reference. Its biggest contribution is to truly help enterprise customers out of the passive security dilemma

dynamic security makes robot attacks completely ineffective

it is understood that ruishu information is the first robot firewall launched in China. Through innovative dynamic security technologies such as one-time dynamic token and dynamic verification, it can effectively identify the characteristics of automation and instrumentalization, so as to realize the active prevention of such threats. The dynamic security technology of Swiss digital information is completely different from the traditional security technology, which only relies on the matching of attack feature library and abnormal feature library to identify the attack, and does not need to rely on the attack frequency and tool category to identify, so it is more active and effective

the dynamic security technology developed by Swiss digital information adopts the technology of dynamically deforming the original code of the page, which increases the unpredictability of the behavior of the target system, so that hackers cannot find the entry and vulnerability of the intrusion page. Because the attacker cannot predict the behavior of the target system, he must find the possible weakness of the target system through a lot of manual analysis, but even if the weakness is found, it can only be used once at most. Therefore, the difficulty and cost of the attack are greatly increased, so as to force the attacker to give up the attack and suppress the attack at the source

Swiss dynamic security technology involves dynamic elements between visitors and application systems, so as to effectively prevent attackers or use automated tools to attack targets:

through dynamic verification of real browser types, it can effectively identify automated attack tools disguised as browsers

by collecting the si0.18 browser fingerprint, we can effectively track the malicious source terminal that constantly changes the source address

by monitoring the abnormal operation behavior mode in the browser, it can block the automatic tool plug-ins in real time, simulate legitimate operations, reverse cracking and other malicious attacks

the dynamic security solution of Swiss digital information is a very effective tool to deal with robot attacks in the market at present, and has also helped many customers solve the problem of robot attacks. Today, when robot attacks become the mainstream of attacks, it is hoped that enterprises can get rid of traditional security thinking, pick up new security weapons, achieve a higher level of security defense, and turn away from attacks in the black industry chain

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