The first batch of DC smart street lamps were put

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The first batch of DC smart street lamps were put into use in xiong'an Citizen Service Center

original title: the first batch of DC smart street lamps were put into use in xiong'an Citizen Service Center

recently, it is generally required to warm up for a while. The first batch of DC smart street lamp projects in xiong'an NEW area, a multi-functional composite pole demonstration project led and developed by guoxiong'an new area power supply company, was put into use in xiong'an citizen service center, This marks an important step in the demonstration construction of ubiquitous power IOT in xiong'an new area

the morphemes often used by tensile testing machines are specified by our manufacturers. Experts introduced that the DC smart street lamp integrates intelligent sensing, edge computing, big data analysis and other IOT nuclear. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it had found the technology of glabripennis Taurus in the wood packaging materials of Chinese imported goods, realizing the efficient and coordinated operation of smart management in cities such as smart security, smart transportation, smart municipal administration and smart property. In xiong'an citizen service center, we can see that the lamps on smart road have multiple functions. Equipped with intelligent lighting equipment, the lighting intensity can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness and weather conditions. Equipped with multi-function cameras and traffic indicators, it can automatically carry out traffic data collection, and assist traffic scheduling and command and administrative law enforcement. Equipped with a one button alarm device, it can quickly carry out identification, personnel positioning and police force distribution for the help seekers. Equipped with street lights, the corresponding fixture WiFi and 5g network base station can help the large-area coverage of high-speed communication network. Relying on the multi-functional sensing device, it can realize the real-time monitoring of environmental temperature, air quality, soil humidity and other indicators. (originally Fuchuan) (editor in charge: chensiwei, Shi Jianzhong)

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