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Xinjiang's first batch of eggs marked with production date are on the market

do small eggs also have "ID cards"? On April 12, the first batch of pollution-free fresh eggs marked with production date, manufacturer and quarantine certificate in Xinjiang were freshly listed in 20 supermarkets in Urumqi. Unlike other eggs, this kind of egg has a shelf life of only 7 days, and beyond the shelf life, it will be removed from the shelf and destroyed. On April 12, the production workshop of Huaxin Kerui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the first company to produce eggs with "ID card", saw that after strict disinfection, batches of eggs were sent to an automated egg processing and packaging line. When passing through a coding system composed of infrared induction probe and nozzle, the eggs were instantly marked with the date of the day

according to the technicians, the number marked on the "ID card number" uses the non-toxic, harmless, odorless and corrosive edible ink produced by domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. in the UK, which will not cause any damage to human body

Ningzhenwei, chairman of Huaxin Kerui Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said that the listing of eggs with "ID card number" has ended the history of Urumqi citizens eating "three no eggs" (no manufacturer, no production date, no shelf life) for a long time, and also ended the history of decades of no 7-day import mine market weak operation method to intuitively judge whether eggs are "fresh". Now, by marking the production date on the eggs, consumers can choose the freshest eggs as they choose milk and bread

it is understood that in March 2005, Huaxin eggs passed the origin certification of "pollution-free livestock products", which is the first in Xinjiang egg industry

regarding the shelf life of eggs, a random survey was conducted among consumers at haojiaxiang supermarket on Qingnian Road in Urumqi on April 12. Among the 16 citizens who bought eggs in the survey, 13 said they had never paid attention to the shelf life of eggs, and could not say how long the shelf life of eggs was

according to Urumqi animal husbandry and veterinary quarantine grassland work general station dynamic inspection station 3 Don't remove the two screws of the gauge rod. The staff said that under the condition of 2 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, the shelf life of eggs is 40 days, while it should be 15 days under indoor normal temperature in winter and 10 days under indoor normal temperature in summer. The freshness and nutritional composition of eggs beyond the shelf life will be affected to a certain extent

it is understood that in the future, Huaxin Kerui Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will provide Urumqi citizens with about 6 tons of eggs marked with production date every day

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