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Fushun Petrochemical succeeded in the trial production of the first batch of domestic octene ethylene

on November 6, octene ethylene copolymerization products, which have been monopolized by foreign countries, were successfully pilot produced in Fushun Petrochemical Company's ethylene chemical plant, and PE-RT pipe materials and membrane materials that meet international standards were successfully rolled off the production line. As the only octene ethylene copolymerization device in China, the start-up successfully rewrites the long-term dependence on imports of octene ethylene copolymerization products

previously, only 8 foreign companies were able to produce octene ethylene copolymerization products in the world, and there was no domestic manufacturer. The octene comonomer products produced by Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene Chemical plant this time can be used as raw materials for PE-RT pipes and high-grade packaging films. As a geothermal heating pipe, PE-RT has good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and pressure resistance. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly plastic pipe; The packaging film produced by developing a new special metal material comonomer with octene has good tear strength, sealing ability, optical properties, processing performance and less extraction. It can be made into high-quality films such as food packaging and special packaging. It is a high value-added product with large market demand

as one of the first five "small ethylene" enterprises in China, Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene Chemical plant has done a lot in developing high value-added products. This octene copolymerization transformation signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou hang Yang Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, COMAC and other domestic well-known enterprises before and after this, which is a new project established by the plant in combination with market demand. It is predicted that after the implementation of the project, the annual benefit for the enterprise will be increased by 30million yuan

we must not underestimate the viability of Chinese private enterprises. It is reported that the research and development of octene ethylene copolymerization products in Fushun Petrochemical Ethylene Plant took three years, from preliminary preparation, market research, determination of technical parameters, to application for project approval, project research and development, and final pilot production. During the implementation of the project, the scientific researchers of Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute collected more than 50 kinds of raw materials, and there were more than 10 analysis and test data of each raw material alone. With the accurate grasp of the properties of raw materials, they adjusted the research plan in time through the query and analysis of the test data, and finally determined the nature and formula of raw materials

on this basis, after more than one year of laboratory research, the scientific researchers of Fushun Petrochemical Research Institute, ethylene plant and the synthetic resin room of CNPC refining and Petrochemical Research Institute jointly transferred the research project of octene ethylene copolymerization products from laboratory to industrial test. On October 26, the project team started the first feeding of industrial test. In the process of industrialization, the members of the project team watched the production site for 24 hours, tracked and mastered the production status, adjusted the process parameters and the proportion of raw materials and additives at any time, and finally produced the first batch of qualified products. Fushun Petrochemical took a solid step on the development of ethylene refining and specialty

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