The first batch of Cummins isz national six engine

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At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, Cummins won the good news: the first batch of "tianlongxin" new generation isz national six engine prototypes were successfully delivered to Dongfeng commercial vehicles

there is a saying: auspicious snow bodes well for a good year. Recently, members of the Dongfeng Cummins project team braved the heavy snow and rushed from Xiangyang to Shiyan to deliver the first batch of "tianlongxin" - a new generation of isz national six prototype of Dongfeng commercial vehicles

the first batch of Cummins isz and related matters in terms of installation, operation, precautions, etc. after the delivery customer of guoliu engine

arrived in Shiyan, Hubei, a small delivery ceremony was in full swing in the trial production department of Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center in Shiyan, and the relevant members of the project team witnessed the delivery ceremony. Under the background of the introduction of the national six emission standard for diesel vehicles, Cummins has firmly engraved its own steps

at the delivery site, the representative of the Dongfeng Cummins project team introduced the structure and installation requirements of the national VI isz engine to the Dongfeng commercial vehicle project team, as well as the division of labor of Cummins personnel who will cooperate with the prototype trial assembly and the communication and handling mechanism of trial assembly problems. Dongfeng commercial vehicles affirmed the cooperation of Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company and spoke highly of the appearance, structure and performance of the new generation isz

the soul of the new generation isz national VI engine is not that the structure is more compact, the design of pipelines and functional parts is more neat and beautiful, and the power torque has reached the highest level in the current industry, with its maximum power reaching 600ps! While the performance is greatly improved, the lightweight design of the engine is also reflected, and the self weight is reduced by more than 200 kg to less than 1000kg

in the two years since the "tianlongxin" project was launched, Cummins has timely communicated with Dongfeng commercial vehicles on the structure, electronic control function, performance requirements and other issues of the engine, so as to ensure that all links in the engine design process can meet the needs of customers and maintain the market competitiveness at the forefront of the industry

the new generation of isz will surely create greater value for users! The successful delivery of the prototype marks that the "tianlongxin" project has entered a new process. At the same time, more professional challenges will also kick off, and Cummins is ready to "face" another important aspect

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